Today, at an event in Delhi Xiaomi launched the successor to Mi Max the Mi Max 2 in India. This phablet smartphone is upgraded version of Mi Max, it comes with a 5300 mAh battery and powered by SD 625 octa core chipset. Mi Max 2 price in India is Rs. 16,999.

This Mi Max 2 (Max series) is for those looking for a big screen smartphone but don’t want to use a tablet. Max 2 features a 6.44 inch screen with full HD resolution. It a dual SIM handset (Hybrid) packed with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage space.

Android Nougat with MIUI 8 runs the show. Primary camera can shoot in 12MP resolution and the secondary camera is a 5MP shooter. There is fingerprint sensor and IR blaster too – you can use the IR to control your TV, AC etc.

Mi Max 2 launched in India

Mi Max 2 support 4G with VoLTE and packed with 5300 mAh non-removable battery with quick charge 3.0 support. The Mi Max was launched a long time back and those of you using the Mi Max can think of upgrading to Max 2.

Mi Max 2 price in India 4GB, 64GB is Rs. 16,999. It will go on sale from 27th on Amazon, Flipkart and even offline.

Mi Max 2 specifications

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  1. Let all be warned, while every body sings praises of Xiaomi. The fact of life is POOR SERVICE SUPPORT by Xiaomi. When one gets stuck, Xiaomi does not support. In my case REDMI NOTE 4 purchased in March 17, became inoperative on 13 July due to defective charging port. Taken to Xiaomi Service in Shimla, was promised quick repair but even after over one week, Xiaomi not providing the small part like USB charging port connector to Shimla centre and my phone inoperative lying dead.
    Be warned XIAOMI after sale service sucks.

    1. I am in agreement to this as I had issue with my Mic & when got it replaced with new one piece, my charging stopped. Was told that it was due to defective HW piece they received from MI.
      Then refunded me & fitted my old Mic which has issue. But while doing this, they screwed up my Battery & Charging such that phone use to get discharge in 4 hrs.

      When showed to them, they took 3 days to fix it, I had to makeshift with non-smartphone & numerous visits to Service centre by my father.

      Now the original part is not available & will take 10 days. I am using Mi4I.

      MI & Jain needs to seriously look into there Service centre issues as they are promoting too much nowadays.

      1. Regarding after sale service Xiaomi is just fooling Indian Public. Boasting of this and that, but ground reality is bitter. My next phone will be a Samsung. At least they have a proper dedicated after sale service network. And not haphazard service providers.

  2. Gogi…I feel that Xiaomi has restricted their flagship smartphones to China only (apart from Mi5, which indeed eventually failed).

    If you remember Mi Note 2 was launched long back in China.

    Nothing wrong with this launch, but I feel Xiaomi could have launched/relaunched Mi Note 2 with dual cam setup (renamed something like Mi Note 2 Pro in India), which at least makes sense and can compete with their counterparts like Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung, Nubia, Oppo, Vivo, Gionee etc.

  3. According to gsmarena its got CG glass 4 but you are saying it as CG glass 3 while there is no mention of any in the official website…

  4. Gogi
    Is this Sony sensor IMX386 of 12mp.
    If yes than it would be interesting to the results after your review.

  5. Same downgraded like redmi note 3 to Note 4….and max1 to max2
    in cameras and Soc….
    16mp camera and sd650 are still best on both former versions.
    I dont understand why price is raised by 2k.
    15000 would be the alluring price.

    1. Don’t just count the megapixels…The cam on Max was pathetic…Max 2 has an improved Sony sensor…Also Max 1 was hexacore but Max 2’s CPU is octa core…

  6. Gogi dear, when you are going to review it ?? I wanna to purchase it in first sale.

      1. I for one would look forward to your review of particular interest are for me camera performance, especially in low lite, and selfie cam. Also the loud speakers.

    1. It should be under 14K, even I am waiting for it…..
      One of the response on MI community suggested that it can be launched in Aug in India after 26th Jul launch in China

    1. Dont worry Bro
      I will write to Xiaomi to reduce the display size for your wish.

  7. Launching Mi6 would have been a better choice …..Xiaomi has a habit of launching products after they run out of steam in CHINA…..

    1. Had read somewhere reason for Not launching flagship product was coz of not generating huge sales

      1. And, yes they will never achieve huge sales of their flagship models if they are going to introduce the lowest/base version of their flagship models…

        MI4 failed because they failed to provide 4G connectivity giving a reason of not able to add module in the design and yes whose need is fulfilled by mere 16GB Memory out of which you get only 10 GB, which has no external card support too and yes do I need to tell the stupid pricing of that device and the white color

        MI5 failed for the same reasons of less memory and no higher memory model…

        If they gonna introduce the same low specced, i.e, lowest model of MI6 … That will also have the same fate….

  8. Only good things are
    Mi is also selling offline
    Having good camera
    Big battery which can last for 3 days on average usage..
    Mi max 1 users should not upgrade to this .

  9. Redmi note 4 is better than this overpriced crap.
    Should had used sd660
    211grams is too heavy .

  10. Good specs as per RAM and ROM but, degraded processor!!
    Battery life must be very good enough with 625 processor but not the performance.