Mi India launched couple of devices today in different categories this includes the Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini that makes use of Bluetooth 4.0, is compact but big on sound. This Mini Speaker will be available from 21st June for Rs. 1,299.

The Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini is packed inside a metal casing, comes with Lanyard holes and apart from a single speaker also includes a built in microphone. It’s simple clean design, power button and micro USB port is at the bottom for charging this portable speaker.

Since this mini portable speaker comes with built in microphone you can use this for making and receiving calls. The built in battery gives up to 4 hours of non-stop usage. This Speaker Mini will be available in Grey and Gold color options from Mi.com website from 21st June 2017 for Rs. 1,299.

Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini launched in India

Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini Specifications

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