Here is the Meizu Flow review. This is another triple driver earphone that comes with built in microphone with noise cancellation technology. What makes the Meizu Flow unique is the superb ear fit design, that is quite comfortable and feels nothing.

Meizu Flow is light weight and very comfortable, the ear buds are designed such that it fits in your ear as if it was made for your ear. If you look at the design its quite curvy, a lot different from the other earphones available in the market and it’s the shape of your ear, it glides in easily and you might often wonder if you are wearing a earphone or not.

This is a triple driver Hybrid earphone and like the other triple driver earphones this one comes for a price. Meizu Flow is a wired earphones and inside the box you will get the earphone, extra and unique looking ear plug caps, Airline adapter, silicon pouch to store the earphone and user manual (in Chinese).

Meizu Flow review

Build and finishing is very good, the earbuds are made of metal and plastic. There is one Dynamic unit and Two Balanced Armature units. The on-wire controller comes with 3 buttons and built in Mic with Noise cancellation technology.

Meizu Flow content

These triple driver earphones provide a completely different audio experience, hence better if you have a premium handset or at least a really good handset mid premium category handset. You might want to play around with the audio enhancement settings on your smartphone.

Meizu Flow quality

Bass is rich, mids and highs are clearly audible well balance. Low frequency are enhanced and sensitive. If you get to check a triple driver earphone then do experience it, they are a lot different.

Meizu Flow three hybrid units Hi-Fi earphones is not available in India, but you can buy from GearBest website with Priority line shipping. The Priority line shipping is free in this case and better use that, there will be no custom duty on this product.

Meizu Flow $95.47 (approx Rs. 6,200) –

Rating 4.8 out of 5

By Rajeev Rana

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