Looking for a door bell then do check this Digoo DG SD10 self powered door bell. You can easily install this door bell and there is no need to install extra cables, plus the door bell that you will install outside the home / office is water proof (IP44) and self powering.

Inside the box you will get the door bell main unit, the self powered door bell button, adhesive pad and user manual. Build and finishing is very good, body is made of Plastic.

The best thing about this Digoo DG SD10 door bell is that you can easily install it and it is completely wireless. The outdoor bell unit comes with self powering mechanical mechanism that powers the bell every time the button is press and that in turn triggers the alarm on the main unit.

Digoo DG SD10

The self powered door bell life span is 10 years, range is 180 meters (open area) in closed area / wall the range should still be good, good enough for big offices / homes. There are 58 music options and two buttons use swipe option to set, plus there are 4 volume levels to choose from. You need to keep the main unit powered on.

Overall an excellent buy if you are looking for a new door bell.

Rating 4.9 out of 5

You can buy this from Banggood website (choose EU plug option for Indian use)

DIGOO DG-SD10 Transmitter Self-powered Door Bell – https://goo.gl/qdj3F8 Price $14, there will be no custom duty on this product.
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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in