MediaTek showcased the World’s first Multimode Wireless charging solution (Inductive and Resonance) at the CES 2014. Wireless charging technology probably may catch up in 2014, and Resonance technique may be the future.

MediaTek’s wireless charging technology makes use of inductive and resonance approach. The traditional wireless charging are inductive based. Inductive and resonance based wireless charging can be used to charge devices though walls / furniture’s. Users will be able to charge multiple devices of different size and of different power needs.

The traditional Wireless technology is very costly and has lower efficiency. Multimode charging may be the key to wireless power, it’s low cost, small in size and efficient. Resonance charging has a larger magnetic field and hence can charge multiple devices simultaneously; moreover you can place the device at a larger distance.

MediaTek multimode wireless charging solution

Let’s see where this technology leads to – freedom from wired charging at an affordable cost?

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Tip: Sahil Patni.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -