The Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard will be available within few days for ₹ 2,795. This device was launched by the company in 2014 and now it will be made available in India.

K480 keyboard weight is about 820 grams. It comes in white and black colour options and makes use of Bluetooth for connecting with other Bluetooth compatible devices. This device gets power from 2 AAA batteries.

Logitech K480 is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS and Android platforms. This is a universal keyboard that can connect to 3 devices simultaneously. There is a dial on the top left side to easily switch between devices. This means you can connect your smartphone and your tablet, work on your tablet and chat with your friend using smartphone through the K480.

There is a gap (cradle) on the keyboard just above the keys to hold the handset or tablet (check image below).

Logitech K480 for ₹ 2795

If you are using a portable device a lot for work, specially typing, this portable Bluetooth keyboard could turn out to be a good add-on. It comfortably holds the devices and helps you type faster.

The Logitech K480 is priced at ₹ 2,795.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -