Here is a virtual Laser keyboard that is compact, light weight and portable. The Webs-Den Virtual laser keyboard creates a virtual QWERTY keyboard on any flat opaque surface. This devices comes with built in battery and is available for Rs. 4,599.

Box Pack
Inside the box you will find the laser keyboard and data cable.

Design and performance
Webs-Den virtual laser keyboard is made of plastic with silver metallic finishing. The front is glossy black with webs-den logo. Build quality is good, virtual keyboard weight is 61 grams. There is power button and micro USB port on the right side. This device is small and looks like a cigarette lighter.

Press power button for few seconds to switch on the device and the same process to switch off the device. There is laser diode on top right that creates the virtual keyboard (red colour) on non-reflecting surface. Next to the laser is Infrared light camera that detects and recognizes the key pressed and at the bottom there is Bluetooth indicator and another laser diode (linear laser).

Webs-Den Laser keyboard box pack

When you press the key you will hear key press sound (audible alert). It is just like using your physically keyboard only thing is that you are tapping the flat surface. You can connect this virtual keyboard using Bluetooth 3.0 or USB 2.0.

You can type up to 350 character per minutes, character recognition is pretty accurate.

Webs-Den Laser keyboard review

There is 600/700 mAh built in battery that delivers up to 2 hours of usage and can be fully charged in about 200 minutes (less than 4 hours).

When inactive the laser light will dim thereby saving battery juice and when you tap any key the light brightens up.

Webs-Den Laser keyboard in action

A futuristic portable keyboard that definitely helps speed up typing with full fledged QWERTY (virtual) keyboard. Do note that you need a flat stable opaque surface of this to work. You can use it for almost 2 hours continuously, works with Bluetooth or USB (connect to PC and use). Windows / Android and iOS platforms supported.

It is good for continuous short term use 30 to 60 minutes, may be another 60 minutes depending on how comfortable you are with the keyboard, specially the bright light.

Webs-Den Laser Keyboard is available for Rs. 4,599.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -