As per latest reports LG may soon launch LG G3 the LG G2 successor that will be a dust and water proof smartphone. As per rumors the G3 might also come with eye and fingerprint recognition features.

The LG G3 could come powered by octa core processor 1.7GHz x 4 + 2.2GHz x 4. It is expected to run on the latest Android OS the KitKat 4.4. As for the screen it could be with QHD 2K resolution. A 13MP camera is included. There is also report about the LG G Pro 2 Lite in the making.

There are many companies that are launching phones with waterproof and dust-proof features. It has become the latest trend and more and more consumers are opting for a smartphone that is water proof.

Let’s wait and watch for these latest mega trends, stay tuned!

LG G3 waterproof smartphone

Source : ETNews.

By Rajeev Rana

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