Some Lenovo P2 users have reported getting Android 7.0 Nougat update on their Lenovo P2 handset. If you own the P2 just head to settings, about and hit system update, check if there is any update available, if yes, update it.

The update will not erase any data but as a precautionary measure you can backup your personal user data. Keep battery level at over 75% – you would not want the battery to die during the update. The download size is around 1957MB (2GB).

Better use a WiFi connection to download. This update will upgrade the OS on Lenovo P2 (model Number Lenovo P2a42) to Android 7.0 (Nougat). If you are using the Lenovo P2 handset and have updated, let us know how the update went.

Lenovo P2 Nougat Update rolled out

Leave a comment below, how is the Lenovo P2 performing after the update and is there any issues you are facing.

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  1. I did the above updates, but after that phone stopped working . I could see only blank white screen with Lenovo Logo even after doing long press several time.

    Unfortunately i ddn’t take any back-up and please suggest me options to recover the data and phone

  2. Hi all,
    I’m vishal and I just wanted to know whether I should pick lenovo p2(3gb) or honor 6x (4gb)as I have ordered both @13000/- and now I’m confused. I have to pick one only.
    So all the experienced users pls help.

  3. After update nougat 7.0 my mobile have battery drain problem….pls solve any one

  4. Those who facing different problems after Naught Update, backup your all data, and factory reset the phone once, it will solve all your issue.

    Although after a big update, like Marshmallow to Naught, you should reset your device once.

    After reset you will find your phone work like champ.

  5. After I update to Android 7 videos are not played , they hang in between.i tried hard reset but still the problem is not solved.

    1. Yeah me too facing same problem, i factory rest twice but still facing the same problem

  6. Updated my p2 yesterday, now in every 15 to 20 minutes internet connection stops or slow down, I have to manually enter the flight mode or restart the phone every time… then only internet works but just for 15 to 20 minutes….what should I do? Plz help..

    1. Even I am facing same issue, but not able to connect to internet from cellular network, only able to load new messages from whatsapp on restart….later internet doesn’t work at all.

  7. When I tap system upgrade in settings.I get a msg that your handset is to date.

  8. After the update, I faced the app crash problem like most of the people. Clearing cache and user data didn’t help me. Problem resolved after factory reset. After the update, I feel my P2 a lot faster and smoother in Nougat than marshmallow. I was happy and feel just ‘wow’, then I found out that I could not connect to the wifi through proxy server. I do enter the proxy hostname, port, username and password everything but connect option is not highlighted. I could not tape on the ‘connect’ option. what the Hell?. Before update it was working fine. OMG! I could not use the free wifi of our campus anymore. Is there anyone suffering from this problem too?. If there is a solution for this, kindly notify.

  9. After updating, its better if you reset the phone through fast boot ( enter fastboot by pressing volume up/down and power button and proceed as per menu ).
    After restart, p2 will work like a charm. And yes, this solves the battery drainage too.
    I loved the split screen execution which runs even better than it does in op3t!

  10. After updating to nougat, update all your apps too… Go to playstore then select my apps. You will see quite a number of apps that needs update, just click update all then restart your phone and everything will work fine. ?

  11. After updated lenovo P2 to nougat the facebook app,insta app will hanged for merely 2 to 3 seconds when we scroll down or up fb or insta app this will cause

  12. After this update i can’t open the messages and when there is a notifications that there are calls i can&t remove this notifications.. how can i fix this problems

    1. I faced the problem when upgraded to Naught- 7.0, Just updated all apps and reboot the phone.. it works.

  13. Please don not update your handset to nougate because you will face battery drainage problem after updating your Lenovo p2 to nougate

  14. Purchased on 29th, got the update instantly. Find everything in place. Though haven’t use it in Marshmallow. Don’t found any discrepancy.

  15. i bought this phone 6 days ago… 6 days!!!! installed 1 update to android 7.0 and i had to reset my phone back to factory settings… lenovo your custommer service is CRAP!!!!

  16. Incredible some apps were crashing after the update. Overnight all disfunctions disappeared, but surprisingly, the battery consumption got higher.

  17. System reset! I had app crashes and various problems after update to Android 7.0! After reset Android 7.0 on Lenovo P2 works perfect!

  18. This update is horrible. I have updated on today’s morning and found data connection on 2nd sim is not working. And some apps are continuously crashing. Lenovo should fix these bugs asap.

  19. Please tell me how to reverse the update as this update keep on crashing the apps frequently and i m not able to use basic messaging app also

    1. What u did to resolve this issue.
      I am also facing same problem
      All apps getting crashed.

  20. It’s horrible to see a update like this from Lenovo . I was not able to use my message app it keep on closing . When it ll be solved

    1. Do clean format your mobile.. its because of overwriting system files called cluster..

  21. Very rubbish update Lenovo has done as it crash most of apps and not working properly. Don’t upgrade

  22. For people with bug. Erease all cash(via phone not app) and shut down the phone and back on(no reset). Now everything should work again.

  23. Is it worth updating??….I can see people saying apps are crashing…I want to update but i am worried…can the crashing be fixed by a factory reset?…Do give a reply please…

  24. I can not send messages , my mail doesn’t work. The app Messenger is working slow….

    I send an email to the shop i buy the Phone, they say to do a hard reset……

    Help please

    1. The same here, problems with messages and email. Program crashes when trying to read a message/email.

  25. Hi, Please don’t update your lenovo P2 Bcz they have lots of Problems…..My mobile is not working properly after Update……

  26. Just today morning I got the update and took 2gb data. However Few apps were not working. Even message app is not working. FB is not working. How Lenovo can release such a horrible update.

      1. Is it normal that a system update should cause so much problems and even forcing to proceed to factory reset? Is there any lenovo person in charge to make any testing before release? Is Lenovo using their customers as testers?
        Factory reset is not a solution. It is the extrema ratio. The extrema ratio is the no-return point as well.

  27. Update is not up to the mark. After update my Lenovo p 2 is showing some problems in app use. Apps doesn’t working after restarting.

  28. After update my device is unable to connect to any wifi network. It’s not showing any wifi symbol…

    1. it’s just one handset getting naugat update.. other handsets are still not getting it.

  29. Some of the applications is crashing after the update and is not opening at all.Can any one getting the same issue.

  30. Sir in Delhi people are protesting against Chinese phone maker oppo, as their one official dishonored national flag tricolour..

  31. After nougat update VoLTE supported on second SIM . Amazon app not working after update