The Lenovo P2 that was launched today will go on sale within few minutes on Flipkart. This handset is priced at Rs. 16,999. Key attraction is SD 625 octa core processor and 5100 mAh battery. Is this a good buy for the price, will you buy this handset?

The good thing about the Lenovo P2 is the 5.5 inch screen and it’s a super AMOLED display with 1080p resolution. The next best thing is the 5100 mAh battery. Now this handset is using Snapdragon 625 processor, this is different from Snapdragon 652 – that is quite confusing numbers 625 – 652. The other thing to note is the GPU both these chipsets use different GPU. SD 625 is coupled with Adreno 506.

Coming to the camera there is a 13MP on the back and 5MP on the front. Other features are 4G, VoLTE, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and Finger Print sensor. You can go with 3GB RAM or 4GB RAM variant. The 5100 mAh battery supports rapid charging and will last for a longer time.

Lenovo P2 goes on sale on Flipkart

Considering the price tag of Rs. 16,999 for the 3GB variant this handset is pricey, there are several options available in the market with 4000 mAh battery and there is a good price difference.

Would you buy this handset, in case if you have bought this then do post in your Lenovo P2 review in the comment section below.

Lenovo P2 will go on sale on Flipkart for Rs. 16,999.

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  1. Certainly overpriced. I bought in exchange of A6000 at ~4000/-. So, I got the 3GB variant at 13130/-, okay price for me (there was addl 10% off on some cards at the same time). A month prior, I bought Asus Zenfone Max (615) for my father. It is quite competitive phone under 10 K, I would suggest Zenfone max over Lenovo P2. Zenfone has dedicated slots, much better software applications. After the recent VoLTE SW upgrade, the Jio voice quality was awesome on Zenfone max, I was surprised.

    Lenovo P2 – A week usage.

    – Battery, one touch key & power modes
    – Screen – S-AMOLED, Clear glass (not sure of GC3, but FK specs says so), overall impressive screen.
    – Glass tray (quite useful), and screen guard (needed?). But the clear glass is catching dust (I yet to apply screen guard).
    – FHD display, much better than Mi Note 3 (may be due to S-AMOLED).
    – Rapid charger, infact the battery backup is awesome (I am a professional – no gaming), my other phone, Samsung Note II is charged by this guy when needed.
    – NFC, in India may not be of much use (I need it for my experiments)
    – Removable pre-installed apps
    – FP sensor is quite smooth, and the same key can be used for navigation. Positive experience on this key. Infact, I hate SW keys as they occupy space and not comfortable to use. You can disable them in P2.
    – Okay on camera. GPS and related apps, yet to be used.
    – Even at 20% battery, it means about 39% of A6000 I was using, can last for a day (assuming similar power consumption).
    – Light weight.
    – Overall very smooth usage experience.

    – Price, I feel quite high.
    – Idiotic thinking on hybrid slot, not even 64 GB ROM?
    – Lenovo is slow in SW upgrades, a big concern.
    – They couldn’t afford in-ear quality ear phones at this price. Shame.
    – I expected dolby sound as it was in A6000 (personal opinion, it may not be needed, current speakers are okay).
    – I prefer to have a removable battery.

    Note: I have a trust factor on Lenovo. I was owning A6000 prior to P2. My experience with Lenovo customer service was satisfiable. The A6000 experienced some MB issue after SW upgrade (display was blinking, not booting), it was fixed by service centre. Even though it wasn’t nice to face such issue upon SW upgrade, and the trouble in approaching service centre … the experience was smooth, they fixed it. All it was under warranty period. After upgrading A6000 SW again recently, the piece was slow (8GB, no SD card), and I got good exchange price as well, all these made me to consider Lenovo P2. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have purchased it.

    1. Can you Pls update 1 thing, if u use 4G Sim in Slot 1, is the Slot 2 suppprt 3G or 2G only

  2. Not good processor, even though it’s a 14nm processor, it uses only A53 for all 8 cores. It’s bench mark scores are way less than 652 processor. It is only for those who wants larger battery life 625 consumes less power, super amoled screen consumes less power, and 5000+mah gives more battery. So this is only for those who wants more battery life. All others Cool1 is better alternative under 15K.

    1. Cool 1 even thiugh with a fairly good camera, has got a fatal defect, only 22 GB available, and no Sd card slot, not even a stupid hybrid slot. Coolpad should have brought in 64 GB version of this phone, at least 50 GB would have been available to the buyer.

  3. If 5000mah battery is the criteria, why not Nubia N1 for lesser price? BTW, 4000mah is more than enough for general usage and many great options available for lesser price which are more VFM and makes more sense as well.

  4. This would have been a perfect phone with investment of a 2$ memory expansion slot incorporated into this phone, to enable customers to used 2 SIM slots plus a SD card. But all the Lenovo and other Chinese companies are stubbornly either putting in hybrid sim slots or omitting the memory expansion slot altogether, thus deliberately depriving their customers of the facility of usage of multimedia. And truncating their phones usability. High time they listened to their customers, otherwise boycott these deaf corporations.

    1. It will certainly fall even further. Lenovo has over priced it very stupidly. For India market price should be at least 20% less for this phone.

  5. The problem with all lenovo handsets I have seen is that they never lock easily onto GPS and never shows the correct orientation even tho they claim the handsets have a magnetic E-Compass. This always gives problems for navigation.

  6. As compare to redmi note 4 it should be price at 13k-14k for 3gb ram variant, 17k is pricey.

  7. If you want Battery Monster, Better buy Asus Zenfone MAX in Rs.10,000 only. Get everything in it. 4G, Awesome 5000mAh battery, Great cameras, Snapdragon Octacore 615, 2GB RAM, 32GB Internal, Bright display and above all no performance or hardware PROBLEMS, at all (using Max for past 8 months).

    Lenovo’s handsets are not good. Always some problem creep in, after couple of months of use. Also their service is not good. Service center people just don’t admit that their handsets are not good. They always blame the user and half of the time, they dismiss warranty claim. Compared to Lenovo, Asus is much better in ‘After sales service’.

    1. Hey bro can you pls. clear some doubts regarding Asus Zenfone MAX ? Does the handset gets much heated after gaming/ camera/internet use been Snapdragon 615. ? Hows the camera quality of pics & videos ?. Hows the volume from the handset speaker is it loud or low? Can we move apps to SD card? As I m interested to go for it 5000 MAH, 5.5 INC, Marshmallow. Would be glad if you give your frank opinion in detail as I can sacrifice for fingerprint scanner. Thanks in advance.

      1. Here is my experience with Zenfone Max:
        a) You need a Hair Dryer to heat this phone, otherwise its just not possible.
        b) Camera quality is great, both photo and video (comparable to Galaxy S5, tested with my friends S5). 19 Different modes. Manual mode is fully open. You can control ISO, shutter speed and the resulting pics in even night are great. In super resolution mode you can shoot 51 MegaPixels images, 51. Great for taking pics of document or anything on which you want to do editing work on computer (photoshop, etc). Also front Cam is really good for selfie lovers.
        c) Speaker volume is ok. Not too loud for playing songs etc. In Headphone, sound is good. Ringtone volume is good. Earpiece volume is ok. Sometimes, when in noisy environment like traffic jam, it feels low.
        d) Apps can be moved to SD card, but not every app.
        e) Display is Gorilla Glass 4 covered. In full brightness mode, easily readable even under direct sunlight.
        f) ZenUi is lovely. No need for extra launchers.
        g) Performance is lag free with heavy games or multi tasking.
        h) Battery is too good. Lasts me around 36 hours with full time connected to WiFi or 3G, 50% brightness, 1-2 hours web browsing whatsapp etc, 1-2 hours of call. Though it takes time to get charged (four and half hours for 0 to 100%). Also this can charge other phones.
        i) Built is good. Its heavy. But, after I added armor back cover it looks like Tank, feels like Tank. During first month, while Holding it for a call for more than 20-30 minutes resulted in wrist pain. Now it feels ok, but other phones feels like cheap plastic toys, so lightweight.
        j) Signal reception is strong for both sims. In some remote areas where Galaxy S6 lost signal, my Max hanged to last bar of signal for making calls.
        k) VOLTE update came last week for Laser phones, will come to Max around months end.
        I think its the best choice in 10k range. Asus is the computer maker brand which we can trust.

          1. Bro, how is display & viewing angles? Since it has HD display. Can it play 1080P video’s? Pls reply.

          2. I find display sharp enough for movie watching and web browsing. Viewing angles are good too. Definitely not comparable to full HD display. Anyone after using FHD display phone or AMOLED display phone will obviously find this display a little dull. But, its a good display for its price. It can easily play 1080p files. But sometimes heavily encoded files may stutter or skip frames, for example a 90 minute movie of 2GB or above size in mkv format.

  8. Everything good except Gorilla Glass Protection. That is a big miss other wise I could have booked it. Tthe good price in my thinking is 14999 though.

  9. Power efficient Super AMOLED screen + 5100 mAh (not so heavy) battery + Snapdragon 625 14 NM tech power efficient SOC + 4 GB RAM make this phone special in this price range. I would rank it well above RN3, cool1, G4plus, Coolpad Note5 even thought price difference is 6k.

    1. For 17 k you get 3GB Ram variant not 4GB RAM and camera is not good for the price. Rest of specs are very good but price should be under 15k.

  10. Lenovo P2 has got things right with its great battery and good display…but camera is average.

    And that’s the reason it lets me down. I would have spent 17k if it had a camera comparable to G4 plus.