Lenovo K900 5.5 inch smartphone with Intel Atom Z2580 processor

Lenovo has unveiled their latest flagship phone called the Lenovo K900 a 5.5 inch smartphone (Phablet) powered by Intel Atom Processor running on Jelly Bean OS. Though 5.5 inch screen is big enough the handset is just 6.9mm thick.

The K900 sails on JB OS over a dual core Z2580 Intel Atom processor codenamed Clover Trail+. The CPU clock speed is not known but could be between 1.5 to 1.8GHz. The display screen is with Gorilla Glass 2 protection and is of size of 5.5 inches.

The touchscreen supports full HD resolution (1080p) with 400+ ppi. A perfect phablet with amazing clarity and plenty of space. Other exciting part is the 13 megapixel camera with Sony Exmor BSI sensor and F1.8 lens. K900 can proudly claim to be the first smartphone to come with a wide aperture camera.

The Lenovo K900 weighs 162 grams. Limited information is available for now. The handset is expected to hit the Chinese markets in April and thereafter will be made available in selected countries. No word as to when the “Intel inside” K900 will be available in India or its price tag. Stay tuned for more.

Lenovo K900 with Intel Atom processor


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