Lenovo launched few products including the A7000 and the Vibe shot at MWC 2015. The Lenovo A7000 is upgraded version of Lenovo A6000 that will also carry a budget friendly price tag and the Lenovo Vibe Shot is 64 bit qualcomm octa core powered smartphone with 16MP camera.

The A7000 is powered by MediaTek MT6752M 1.5GHz True8Core running Android 5 Lollipop out of the box over a 5.5 inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. Like the Lenovo A6000, the A7000 comes with dual SIM slots. This handset also comes packed with an 8MP AF camera with LED flash placed on the rear and a 5MP camera on the front.

Lenovo A7000 is loaded with 2GB RAM, 8GB storage and micro SD card support. Key features are 4G LTE, 3G, Dolby Atmos audio technology, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. This smartphone weighs about 140 grams, is 7.9mm thick and comes with a 2900 mAh battery (Li-Polymer replaceable). Lenovo A7000 is priced at $169 – approx Rs. 10,500.

Lenovo A7000

Lenovo Vibe Shot is also a dual SIM smartphone, powered by 64bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa core processor running Lollipop with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage along with micro SD card support. This handset sports a 5 inch screen with full HD resolution.

Lenovo vibe shot

Vibe Shot comes packed with a 16MP auto focus camera on the rear with tri colour LED flash and front camera is with an 8MP resolution. The 16MP camera can shoot and record excellent pictures/videos in low light conditions. Key features are 4G, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. The handset gets power from a 2900 mAh battery. Lenovo Vibe Shot is priced at $349 that comes to approx Rs. 22K.

lenovo pocket projector

At MWC 2015 Lenovo also launched standalone Pocket projector (smartphone crossover device) that is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices. It makes use of DLNA or Miracast. This portable projector (50 lumen) comes with dual speakers and $249 (approx Rs. 16K).

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  1. Hey guys plz help me I have 2 buy a phone so can ny1 suggest which will be better yureka or lenevo a7000.

  2. Lenovo should also consider a 5inch variant like asus, asus planning to launch a 5 inch zenfone 2 variant.

  3. Both the handset looks good on paper, hope so they price it cheap like A6000 in Indian market. This will surely help Lenovo in selling a million piece, really exciting thing they have got.

  4. After pondering a lot between Lenovo A6000 and Mmx YU, I decided in YU’s favour, because of the the following advantages, and managed to buy one.
    (a) 2GB RAM against 1GB
    (b) 16GB Internal against 8GB
    (c) Cynogenmod against Vibe UI

    Now, it seems A7000 (Better Sound, improved Battery) is going to help Lenovo catch up & overtake Mmx.

  5. why our Indian companies not launching any innovative products in MWC ??? I have huge expectation from Two Indian brands none other than Micromax and Lava .Becuase both of them are quite promising brands if they launch I will be more and more happy .I think lenevo vibe shot meet my expectation ,bcz camera is the most primary thing for me ,but I am not ready to spend more than 20k for a phone .Waiting for its review .

    1. Both micromax and Lava only launch Chinese re-branded phones.
      Canvas Nitro – Coolpad f1
      Yu Yureka – Coolpad f2
      every single phone is a Chinese re-brand.

      The reason they are not at MWC is that they have no innovation. No phones of their own. -_-

      1. Enquire properly prior to commenting. Ureka is not a rebranded phone. Do u know little knowledge is dangerous.

  6. When Can we expect this in India? How soon…if its gonna take 4-5 months then forget it.

  7. It seems, this year going to be a lenovo year, if they maintain the quality of what Motorola maintained. Samsung made Nokia life tougher, Motorola overtakes samsung , xiaomi pierced through Motorola and again, now its turn of Lenovo (Motorola owned company) to break the xiaomi shell. Let us wait and watch closely about mobile growth.

  8. because of lenevo a7000 efect , in a few day you saw that yureka is available without registration what are u say gogiji?

  9. Gogi brother I purchased lenovo a6000,in which I was not able to registered in what’s app, than Flipcart has given me replacement,in this also I am not able to registered on whatsapp, now I ask for refund, Flipcart, lenovo both refuse to give they told me if whatsapp is not working that doesn’t mean your phone is defective, flipkart says have we mentioned what’s app in specification, plz help me bro what to do???

    1. Yes true, if some app is not working they will not give refund. There is built in security app have you enabled that? if yes then it could be blocking the app.

      1. No bro I haven’t touched any security app, in replacement as told by lenovo I downloaded two updates then downloaded what’s app, but not able to use it.. .Gogi brother after not able use what’s app on lenovo a6000 the answers given by Flipcart & lenovo is too rude & shocking, have we promise u whatsapp, it is third party application So it’s not our fault, in our website we anywhere write what’s app supported or it will work?? What to do now Gogi brother??

        1. Hey dont worry bro. Check your internet setting. I had the same problem. When i checked the setting it was using a different access point so that except build in apps no other 3rd party apps could able access the internet

          1. Dear bhola thnx a lot in my lenovo A6000 WhatsApp working well on WiFi BT not via mobile data, after ur reply I checked APN its using voda live instead of voda connect in my case, so just changed it and now all working fine

          2. Dear Gogi brother & all now what’s app issue is resolved its a security issue..one of My friend has same difficulty of whatsapp but in that settings issue.. .thanks a lot all & Gogi brother specially for ur advice to resolve the issues.. .

          3. Thank bro for ur discussion I could resolve that issue also by changing my APN setting now wats app is running smoothly

        2. Whatsapp working perfectly on lenovo a6000 please reset the phone so it may work properly.

    2. I have Lenovo A6000. What’s app and email sync works without any issue. In security check that the app is allowed. In parental lock under security check the app is allowed or disable parental lock. If possible do a factory reset after u backup ur photos and stuff.

  10. A7000 is Better than yureka.
    But I think that cyanogen is the biggest advantage of yureka.

    1. buddy, yureka has 16 gb of internal storage and and camera is 13 mp and it and is using qualcomm chipset and its price is 8999/- but a7000 has 8mp camera and 8 gb internal storage and it is using mediatek chipset which is slower than qualcomm chipset. price is about 10000/-
      so which is batter.

      1. 1. Quality is better.
        2. This is an original Phone, Not a chinese rebranded phone.
        3. MT6752 beats SD615 hands down.
        4. Dolby Atmos
        5. Lenovo has good servicing while Micromax is known for pathetic servicing and YU will be even worse.

        Under 12k. Lenovo will be better than Xiaomi and Micromax Yu.

        1. Buddy lenovo is also a Chinese company and u pay 2000-4000 rupees for after sale service.

          1. hey, lenevo a7000 price is about 10000/- to 12000/- and yureka price is 9000/- so i say that you pay 2000-4000 rs. for after sale service.

          1. Yu heats up in extensive gaming only, that too for long hours. With normal usage, heating is minimal. Check gogi brother’s review of yu first. Not that much heating on yu. I have seen phones which heat much more than yu.

          2. Check out geekyranjit’s gaming review on desire 820 and yu…he measures temp with his heat gun….temp touches 60 C

          3. Battery temperature and handset temp is different the handset temp (where the chipset is – mostly on the top near camera module) will be much higher than battery temp. Either follow battery temp or follow handset temp – handset temp will always be higher.

          4. Geekyranjit tests gadgets with another gadgets and no human element in his reviews. Real life experience is always going to be different. Thats why people follow gogi.in

  11. Hats off to Lenovo.. very innovative… and does these phones got any protection glasses?

  12. Gogi sir please check you have mentioned lenovo A7000 as MTK6572m that is a dual core processor,
    I think u mean it is using MTK6752m with is indeed a 64 bit octa core processor

  13. A7000 will fight with upcoming Redmi 2s(which has 2GB Ram) & vibe shot will take on redmi note. these two handsets are most important for Indian buyers looking for value for money mobile. now let’s see how xiaomi reacts to this lenovo attack.

  14. Lenovo is making all the right moves in the mobile industry…Waiting to see Vibe S1 and other 5 models leaked…