LeEco Le 2 2nd flash sale begins today at 12 noon

The next flash sale of LeEco Le 2 will begin today at 12 noon on Flipkart. Registration is required; if you have not yet registered you can do so up to 11AM. According to the company for this 2nd flash sale they have already received over 4 Lakh registrations.

LeEco Le 2 handset will be available on Flipkart for Rs. 11,999. This time too, the CDLA earphones worth Rs. 1,990 will be made available for free. During the checkout process you will not see the free CDLA offer listed but the same will be shipped by Flipkart along with your handset.

Apart from this Flipkart is also offering double data pack from Vodafone and Citi Bank credit and debit card holders will get 10% cashback. Do check the review of LeEco Le 2. It is a good handset slightly more powerful than the Redmi Note 3, unfortunately camera is not that great.

LeEco Le 2 2nd flash sale today on Flipkart

I just got another update, will see if that fixes the camera quality.

LeEco Le 2 will be available on Flipkart today and on LeMall site for Rs. 11,999.


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