The Lava Xtron or E-Tab Xtron is powered by (RK30board) dual core processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. This tab sports a 7 inch IPS screen and comes for a price of Rs. 6,499.

Xtron Box pack
inside the black colour box you will find the 7 inch tablet, earphone, micro USB to USB OTG cable, USB to micro USB cable, Power adapter, warranty card and some extra freebies/ discounts/ downloads.

Design, Display and Memory
The tab weighs 350 grams and is 11.5mm thick. The built quality is very good with silver side / rear matt finish. On the front side there are no buttons except for the 2MP front camera. The tab comes with a 7 inch IPS screen with 1024×600 pixels resolution. The viewing angle is good.

The power button, volume rockers are placed on the right side along with a back button (check video review). There is mic and micro USB port that can be used for charging as well as for connecting to PC. On the top side there is the 3.5mm jack and micro USB slot.

Lava Xtron box pack

The xtron comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. You will also find few music videos that are pre-loaded on the internal storage.

  • Of 1GB RAM 638MB is free.
  • 1GB storage is allocated for Apps of which 883MB is available.
  • 5.24GB is for internal storage of which 2.44GB is available. You can reclaim more space by deleting the extra video, files that are pre-installed on the internal storage, i.e. if you want to.

Lava Xtron

Processor and Performance
The tablet houses the same Rockchip RK30board as found on Wammy Desire and VeeDee D10DC. Its dual core processor with Mali 400 MP GPU running Jelly Bean OS version 4.1.1.

Benchmark Scores

  • Quadrant Benchmark : 3857.
  • Antutu Benchmark : 12176.
  • NenaMark2 : 55.6fps.
  • Linpack : Single 38, Multi 67.
  • Multi Touch : 5 point.

Lava Xtron review

Entertainment and Gaming
This tablet can easily play 1080p videos and many other supported formats using MX player. Common games like Angry Birds, Temple Run etc works well with no issues. Some of the high end games may or may not work.

There is Wi-Fi which worked well. The tab does get heated a bit when using it for a longer time. The front camera looks good and can be used with Skype for video chats. The sound output is low as compared with Karbonn ST8 Velox tablet.

The battery is of 3500 mAh capacity and the uptime is quite good. I tried playing a video with full brightness, before playback the battery level was 60 and after 30 minutes the battery level fell to 40. But with minimal brightness the battery level drop was just 5 points in 30 minutes.  You can easily watch movies for over 5 hours comfortably.  Do note Wi-Fi was switched off. When playing games the battery level may fall much faster (depends on the game).

Lava Xtron review
A powerful 7 inch tablet with good viewing angles and from a well known brand LAVA. There is no built in 3G support, however you can use supported 3G dongles and access 3G. (Following 3G dongles supported :- Tata Photon+ – EC156,  Airtel – E1731, Reliance 3G- MF190, MTS Mblaze – AC2787)

The same hardware specs can be found on the Wammy Desire and VeeDee D10DC and the price of Desire and Xtron is identical, however D10DC is cheaper by about 500 bucks. The other option is to go for the Karbonn ST8 with 8 inch screen for Rs. 7290.

Image Gallery

Lava Xtron unboxing and review video

Games on Lava Xtron

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  1. Why does my lava m -tab xtron z704 , it switch off by itself after reaching 72% of battery and if I restart, it will get stuck on the lava manufacturing logo and then again it shut down and the battery lower down to 0% from 70 , so I need to connect a charger to start it up! Please help me!

  2. How do i root my Lava Xtron Z704 please tell me I want to root it can u recommend some apps for rooting?

  3. Hello Gogi
    I am having lava etab xtron .I want to ask that does it support all dongles if yes then how do I connect my reliance net connect dongle if no then which dongle would you prefer?

  4. Micromax Funbook Infinity or Lava Xtron ???? Reply quick gonna buy in 1 r 2 days ..

  5. Hi Gogi
    The new version for this tab is out. Adds an HDMI port, slightly bigger battery @ 3700 Mah and sports Android 4.2 JB.
    Do you think this makes a case for buying this one? I was looking to buy the original version but it was out of stock, and now the new version has been launched which looks great @ a price increment of Rs 500(which incidentally can be saved by buying it from infibeam with the AMEX discount code).


  6. Gogi mera wifi ni cnct ho riya mai apne e72 se wifi dene ki koshish kar raha hu tab me bt cnct nahi ho riya bhai plz help me…….:(

  7. Reader ‘Xmd’ had mentioned way to increase speaker volume of Lava Iris 501 ( in ‘engineering mode’, without the need to root the device. As the speaker volumn of the Xtron is very low, would this be a possible solution for the Xtron also?

    And does anybody have a solution/work around to the pathetic battery life of the Xtron??

    Unfortunately, the Xtron doesn’t come with Bluetooth. Otherwise pairing it with Bluetooth speakers (like the F&D W330BT – Rs. 3K) would have been a solution. Lava… could you give it some thought?

  8. Can anyone name the list of compatible high end games like asphalt which can be played in this tab?
    Thank you!

  9. hello sir
    i want to know which dongal usb suport lava extron ?
    i have already vodafone zte dongal.
    can u help me?

  10. I bought this tab 3 days back, the battery hardware and battery software both have issues.. as mentioned in earlier posts – battery is charging n there is indication in battery symbol, but the Battery application displays “Not charging.. ”

    when the tab is connected to the power Outlet and I swipe my fingers over the back cover, I can feel the power leakage of small voltage, due to this the battery drains out when it’s in the idle mode & not connected to the power outlet. Does it happens with other users? Please comment..

      1. Thanks Gogi, but I am thinking of returning it back to flipkart and get another one. When I have this option then why to go for service centers. What say???

        1. Wasim, that’s the advantage of flipkart, its better to ask for replacement rather go to service center.

  11. Hi Gogi,

    Am not able to find usb driver software for Lava Xtron JB7.

    Windows update doesn’t have it. I have Vista Home Basic on Compaq Presario.

    CWM recovery method or Pdanet method also unable to resolve this.

    Googled it, but can’t find it.

    Can you please help me with this. Is there a way to transfer files from laptop to tablet without driver software?

    Thanks and regards,


  12. wanted to know if i can connect a 3G dongle to tab via OTG cable while charging?
    Coz as far as i have read abt this tab it got only one micro usb port nd same is used for both charging nd OTG cable aswell,plz clarify

    1. Javed, you are correct it has only one micro usb port, so only 1 thing can b done at a time.

  13. Hi Gogi,

    I am looking to purchase this TAB however, I am apprehensive about whether or not whatsapp can be installed on the same (by hook or by crook). Also, kindly advice on Viber and Tango, as these will be the apps that I intend to use on it mostly and they require a phone number. Kindly suggest alternatives too if Tango or Viber cannot be used in this wifi only TAB.

    1. Kushagra, u can use Viber n for Tango em not sure…but if u want to use whatsApp then u need a supported dongle which connects the sim card to the TAB, whatsApps verifies the sim connection I believe…

  14. Today only i received my LAVA XTRON Tablet . While tablet is charging there is an indication in battery symbol and battery is charging .. but the Battery application shows displays “Not charging ” …. is this a software glitch ? or Hardware problem

        1. Could you pls Recommend me any App to eliminate the Battery Draining Problem in IDLE mode !! # How did you overcome this problem in your LAVA XTRON ???

          1. Download some application to put the tablet in airplane mode. Also close all idle background processes before keeping it idle…
            If all else fails, switch off the tablet and turn it on only when you want to use it 🙂

          2. Thanks … It worked for me 🙂 .. used some battery optimization apps 🙂

  15. Hi Gogi,
    Got one today just a few minutes back. Please tell me should i completely discharge the battery before using it and do I need a new Screen Guard instead of the one on it as it has a couple of scratches.

  16. I too found the battery problem. My battery drained from 50 % to 12 % in just few seconds, even when I was not using it, I could do nothing but see it draining. I restored factory settings, formated it but the problem still exists. Please any one help. I doubt that it is a manufacturing defect.

    1. Stop unwanted background processes. Use any free app to keep the tablet in airplane mode. Someone suggested here that the tablet searches for network which the developers failed to fix. However they have removed all front end UI to manually enable airplane mode.

      I have tried it and have reduced the draining issue 🙂

  17. Comparison between lava xtron and micromax funbook p362. Which is beter tablet for gaming and surfing

    1. Funbook is not good for gaming. micromax funbook p362 will lag while browsing . Lava will give u performance . micromax funbook p362 will give u sim features.

    1. I didnt experienced any lag yet , I have tried 1080p videos upto 5GB size …
      The only lag I had is with the game “Gameloft Gangster Rio” , a cheap crappy game..

  18. Hi Gogi, I just rooted this tab and installed chainfire and since then I’m stuck on lava logo. Place tell me how to reset it . Thank you.

    1. no way… happened to me too. gave it for replacement from flipkart. don’t install chainfire, it will brick it. it can be recovered by flashing stock rom but we do not have Flash tool and rom. if Someone could just provide those……….

  19. Hi Gogi

    Do you think this is the best VFM tab at this price point? Any idea if a bluetooth enabled and HDMI sporting version with these specs can be had at this price point?

    Actually, I’m looking for a a tab with these features at sub 8k price levels:
    1. Screen with IPS/ Gorilla Glass
    2. Ram of at least 1 GB
    3. Bluetooth
    4. GPS
    5. HDMI
    6. WIFI n
    7. Battery of at least 5000 MAH
    8. 3g SIM slot with/ without calling facility
    9. Full HD resolution
    10. Weight less than 250 gms
    11. Thickness of less than 10mm
    12. Quadcore processor
    13. Rear camera at least 8MP with flash

    I know this sounds like a wishlist, but I’m sure with the newer releases, a tab with all or most of the above features at a sub 8k price level will be a reality very soon. If there is such a tab available currently, please let me know.

    Fellow readers, please don’t slate me here, I know this is wishful thinking at the moment, but why not desire more?

    1. Hi Mayank,
      I suggest you to buy iberry Auxus CoreX4 (or) iberry Auxus CoreX2 3G

      iberry Auxus CoreX4 Features:
      its Benchmark score is nearly equal to Samsung Note 2,It has 2gb of ram,
      1.6GHZ Quadcore processor, 7200mah battery,3g simslot,16gb internal memory..Price:15k

      iberry Auxus CoreX2 3G Features:
      its Benchmark Scores are better than galaxy tab 2 wifi.
      It has 1gb of ram,7inch display,3g simslot,8gb internal memory,7200mah,
      Price: 10k

      1. Checked the reviews for iberry. Almost all user comments are negative. Also, some have pointed that their warranty claims are returns policy is too bad. Let’s see, gotta wait some time for a decent 3g sim enabled tab to come up in the price range.

  20. hi gogi,

    I am interested in Lava Etab Xtron. I want to connect this device to my 51″ Samsung 3d Plasma TV. But it has no hdmi output. Can I use MFL to HDMI Cable in this 7″ Tab. Instead, please suggest shall I go for Karbonn ST 8.

  21. Gogi,

    I was able to connect to internet through my tata photon datacard for few days in my Xtron but now I’m unable to connect, getting the message as ‘No Internet Connection’. Any idea how I can get this sorted out? is there any support forum available from Lava to get these issues posted? Appreciate your quick response.


  22. Hi Gogi Sir,
    I have bought Lava Xtron from flipkart.
    No issues with flipkart.
    But yesterday I had function on my house, so all the kids wanted to play on it.
    To make the tab secure, I am using pattern lock.
    Due to kid’s usage, I am getting ” Too Many Pattern Attempts “.
    Then by entering gmail id and password also i am not able to use the tablet. I know the original pattern lock password, gmail id and password associated with the tab. The Wi-Fi is off on the tablet.
    It shows checking for half second and then says “Invalid username or password”.
    Please tell me what to do…
    Factory reset will also help as I am using this tab for time-pass and gaming…

    1. You will need to do a factory reset. By pressing the hardware button combination. I am not sure if the combination will work but try it. Switch Off – press power for few seconds until off. Then Press power + Volume up and Volume down until you get the restore mode. If that does not work try Power + volume up or power + volume down.

        1. Rohit, I don’t have the tab now but see if you can find the reset hole, if yes then insert a pin and it will reset. Or you can try calling Lava support on phone or visit the service center.

  23. hi gogi sir….ur site is very helpful to me…thanks alot..mere paas ek xtron tab maine apki site par review dekhkar liya tha…main is se puri tarah stisfied hun…kya main ise just one click software se root kar sakta hu…..isme kya risk h aur kya is se tablet dead bhi ho sakta h..maine pahle apna galaxy ace update kiya tha…kies software se to usme koi problem nahi hui…plz help me..

  24. Anybody solved the battery drain issue with xtron ?? I tried to put the tablet in airplane mode and use 2x Batter saver app. Still I cant say I am 100% successful. Every time i put the tablet to sleep, I go to Settings-> Apps-> Running Processes and stop all the unwanted ones. Then only I am able to save some battery atleast. Otherwise the battery drains completely within 2 hours if kept unused 🙁

    Please share your experiences and strategies to tackle this issue 🙂

  25. hi mr. gogi
    please upload hd gamings on this tab like nova3, asphalt, shadowgun, nfs…. if posible
    funbook can play much more games, i think it also can do this bcoz of 1gb ram..
    plz upload my request…… thanks in advance

  26. can u upload a video how to connect MTS Mblaze: AC2787. I can’t connect it. Please help me out..

    1. Yes… Wifi range is pretty less… U will get moderate speeds if you are within 10 meters from the router 🙂

  27. Hello there,
    Everybody is doing awesome work by replying queries.. Gogi did great work by creating this website.. I am also one of confused buyer on the market.i sorted two tabs for me.Lava xtron and Karbonn velox 8..i have to choose one and the factor is which one of these company has good service response…Lava or karbonn who has nice service response?

  28. Hi , I just got my Xtron today.
    I am not feeling that much comfortable with it in hand , coz it back is kind of extra smooth…
    I didn’t get any HD videos pre-installed .. There was about 10 low quality videos in 20 / 30 mb sizes..
    Performance is good.
    Camera is sooo bad.
    Just tried to install GTA Vice City in my old class 2 2 GB micro SD card.
    Installation was successful , but it didn’t start the game.
    So I just installed it in internal memory , it works fine.
    I done an offline installation … Free Game … 🙂

  29. camera app on my xtron is not working. it suddenly stops with error message “unfortuntely, galery has stopped” plz help me out

  30. my lava etab xtron has a problem. whenever i open the native camera app or any other app, the camera app closes again with the error message “unfortunately, gallery has stopped”. due to this i am not able to use camera. please help me out. i even tried system reset but it didn’t worked

    1. I think you are the same guy from Flipkart , right ?
      Have you tried with any other camera app ? you can download some from Google Play.
      Test it , and it is recommended to visit the nearest service center.
      You can root it , but if it is a hardware problem a rooting wont solve it , and you will lose your warranty as well.

  31. A sincere advice, without technicalities.Practical buy:
    a)Karbonn smart tab 8 velox
    b)Lava etab xtron
    c)Zync dual 7.00

    (I’ve trusted your judgement in past too); Which one of the above should i buy?

  32. gogi, please review CHERRY MOBILE FUSION BOLT TABLET ONLY FOR RS 3,999 Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Spec -1GHz A9 Quadcore Processor
    -1GB RAM
    -8GB internal storage, expandable via microSD
    -7inch HD IPS Capacitive Touchscreen
    -WiFi b/g/n
    -2-megapixel rear-facing camera
    -VGA front-facing camera
    -Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
    -4,000mAh Battery
    -Comes in black or white

  33. Hi Gogi , how many hours did it take to charge for the first time ?
    As its standby time is low , we cant test it quickly , r8 ?, the battery will be empty when we open the box.
    In another review , I saw that the tablet took 5 hours to charge from 60% to 100% !! They also said that it may be due to the loose microUSB charging port,is it loose ?

    1. Shijil, charging takes 3 to 4 hours. It is faster if you charge it directly from power adapter rather from USB connected to PC.

  34. Hi Gogi,
    it is not mentioned if it is 16m colors screen or 256k color. pls clear this thing, i’m much concerned.
    thank you.

    1. There are no screen guards available for Lava Xtron now..
      I have contacted Flipkart and they said so.
      Find an alternative screen guard with similar size.
      That’s what I did….
      I just ordered “Molife M-SLT-SMP3100 Screen Guard for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100″ , it will be a bit larger , but I will cut the edges…
      Most of the 7” leather cases will suit this tab.

    1. Lava has better display . So Lava is better .
      Zync dual 7’s processor is just 100 MHz faster than Lava , it doesn’t matter.

  35. i m so much confuse between zync dual 7 and lava xtron, give me some suggestion….plzz thanks.

    1. Zync has a better speaker , dual camera , better wifi ,
      less screen brightness , viewing angle , resolution,

      For 6000 RS it is good.

      If you want a better display choose Lava , otherwise go for Zync , save 500RS .

  36. Dear Gogi,
    Bought this tablet finally. However I find that the volume is very very low. While playing games or video, the sound is barely audible. Is it just me or the tablet audio is like that only ? Any suggestions as to how to increase the volume ?

    Also the wifi range is less as well. You will get connected if you are within the same floor as the router

    1. Sound is low this is the case with most tablets. In a silent room you can hear the sound comfortably. Wi-Fi, range seems ok.

    2. hi abhishek

      Does the Tablet play HD games…give examples plz..
      Hows the browzer speed??
      does the tablet have a mic for skype calling.. howz da pic\video quality on the frnt cam???

      1. This tablet does support some HD games .. try GTA III and GTA VC. Browser speed differ according to your connection . Default Android browser is good. Skype calling is supported. It has a built in mic right below the micro USB port. Front camera quality is average.

        1. Thanks Shijil..

          Just another quick question…

          there are new apps & games available in the google play store..
          So this tablet having Cortex A9 n 1.5GHZ processor speed, with mali 2d, 3d GPU does it support apps like nova 2 or 3, the dark knight rises, amazing spider man & etc….

          I need to know this cos currently Im using iphone 3gs.. which dosen’t support much… n most of the good apps are not free 🙁
          So Im planning to switch to this device for apps, gaming, SNS & etc & use a basic phone for GSM purposes… what do u think??

          1. In Gogi’s “Games on Lava Xtron” video he said some games like “modern combat 3” and “N.O.V.A 3” shows non-supported in Google Play store.
            I don’t know if it is any problem with Google Play Store .
            May be an offline installation can solve the issue.
            Some times we will be able to play it by downloading from other sites.

            NOVA 3 is almost 2GB in requirements are “1GHz or higher CPU; Adreno 205, Tegra 2, SGX 540 or Mali 400 or higher ”

            dark knight rises need 1.8 Gb space.

            And about payed games and apps: Some of them can be downloaded from outside the play store and you can use it free . Eg: GTA III

            GTA Vice City Android’s minimum requirement is
            ” 1GHz or higher CPU; Adreno 205, Tegra 2, SGX 540 or Mali 400 or higher GPU” .
            That means tablet with 1Ghz CPU and Mali 400 GPU can run a 2GB sized game !
            we have a processor with 1.5Ghz dual core here.

            My point is , it will be enough to play most of the games and apps.

          2. Shijil, yes true sometimes its the OS that prevents some apps from installing directly via Google Play. I have seen this issue with custom ROM’s.

    1. it is not a screen guard , it is just a protective film . not good and thick as a screen guard.

      1. True…. 3 days of use and the film has got scratches all over it. Looking for another third party screen guard at the moment 🙂