Lava Iris 352e review – low cost dual core smartphone

The Lava Iris 352e, a dual SIM, dual core handset is priced at under Rs. 3,800. This handset runs on Android 4.2, comes with 2MP rear camera and sports a 3.5 inch HVGA screen. Is it worth the price? Find out.

Box pack
Inside the box you will find the 352e handset, 1450 mAh battery, screen guard, a free silicon back cover for added protection, power adapter, data cable, earphone and user manual.

Design, display and OS
The handset weight is just 108 grams with battery, it is not at all slim (12.3mm thick), breadth is 62.63 and length is 118.05. The black and silver color combination gives an elegant look.

The front side and the rear are black color. The rear side is matte finish and feels like rubber. The sides have got a silver line (matte finish) that runs all the way around, surrounding the micro usb port. The top side looks bulky cause of the ports and the bottom side gets narrower following a curve.

Lava Iris 352e box-pack

The volume rockers are placed on the left side and power button / micro USB port and 3.5mm audio jack are placed on the top side. There is 2MP FF camera on the rear along with speaker out vent.

The TFT screen is 3.5 inches supporting 480×320 pixels resolution (262K colors). The viewing angles are not at all good (for the price you cannot expect something better), though the touch is smooth and responsive.

There is only one sensor the accelerometer and the screen supports 2 point multi touch. Lava Iris 352e sails on Android 4.2.2 OS.

Lava Iris 352e

Memory and storage
This is a low budget handset and hence comes with minimal RAM of 256MB. Of the 256MB RAM, on the first boot you will get around 129MB free. There is 512MB internal storage (ROM), of which 147MB is assigned for apps – the free space is 100MB and there is a Phone storage of 12.15MB of which 11.18MB is available. External SD card of up to 32GB is supported and you can move / install apps on external storage. OTG is not supported.

Lava 352e side view

Though the Lava Iris 352e is powered by the known MT6572 chipset it is clocked at 1GHz with Mali 400 GPU does not performance like the 1.3GHz MT6572 dual core, probably because of low RAM (256MB). The performance is okay but at times it does lag.

Benchmark scores

  • Quadrant Standard – 2684.
  • AnTuTu – 9176.
  • Vellamo – did not run cause of Low free memory.
  • Nenamark 2 – 47.4 fps
  • Multi touch : 2 points.

Gaming, Camera and entertainment
The Gaming experience is not at all good. But cannot really complain because of the price tag. This handset is not for gaming users. I could install the Asphalt 8 on the external card, however when playing the game it got stuck on the menu screen (check video review).

The hardware is capable but the main issue is low RAM. I tried installing the Temple run 2 but it failed (it was trying to install on the app/ internal storage). I guess very few games will work or low end games that can directly install on external storage.

There is 2MP fixed focus camera on the rear without flash and VGA camera on the front. In video mode there is 720p option however the videos got recorded in 864×480 pixels resolution. The still camera /video recording quality are not at all good.

As far as entertainment is concerned you can watch 720p videos in MX player with ease using both H/W and S/W modes.

Sound is loud and clear. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth worked well. This handset does not support 3G, but does support the 2G networks (GPRS / EDGE). There is no built in GPS receiver.

The 1450 mAh battery seems decent enough. When running the benchmark apps for approx 17 minutes the battery level dropped by 6 percent. You can expect a 3 to 5 hours of battery life with continuous usage (both cores used).

Lava 352e battery

It is a low cost handset for Rs. 3,692 and for the price it is a good handset, do note there is no 3G support. Do not buy it for gaming and for its camera. Apart from this if your usage is limited to phone calls, social networks, surfing etc and in case will not be using heavy apps, then this is a good, cheaper option.

Image Gallery

Sample Images

Lava Iris 352e unboxing and review (includes gaming review)

Sample video shot using Iris 352e

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{ 26 Responses }

  1. Vijay says

    Mr Rana, Thanks for a very comprehensive review of Lava Iris 352e. It is very useful for a lot of people who desire a basic Android Phone for Calling, Internet, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Since it runs on latest Android 4.2, it still is good value for money. Eventually one gets what one pays.

    • Gogi Rana says

      Thanks Vijay, it is more than enough for running the apps and features you have mentioned, good buy for the price, but it has its own limitations.

      • Vijay says

        Mr. Rana, one sees that lot of people put comments totally unrelated to the main subject item..for example in the review for Lava Iris 352e, most comments are random subjects unrelated to the review subject..It would be perhaps better to have a column, where people can puts their raves and rants..and spare the article on subject under review.

  2. shyam says

    Gogi, the Nokia Lumia 720 has just slipped under 15,000 rs. It is selling for prices from 14,500 rs to 15,000 rs on various e-stores. Remember that only a few weeks ago, it was 17-18 k. So that is good news.

  3. Akazh says

    Is there any gaming budget smartphone around??! Or is it the priviledge of only premium smartphone users???!!! Aah!!

  4. madhur says

    by paying 500 more now you will get micromax A58 which is 3g with 521 mb of ram

    as it has got recently an price cut and can be purchased at 4200

  5. krishna says

    Dear Gogi Brother!
    I am desperate fan of ur reviews! i check ur website as it is Facebook :p!
    im planning to buy a tab nd my budget is not more than 14k. I work as Asst.Professor nd the purpose behind buying tab is to refer PPTs, reading experience in 5 inch canvas 2 is not that much pleasurable now! I shortlisted Lenovo A 3000 ideatab, Asus phone pad, Galaxy tab 2. Im not heavy gamer..but i do watch movies.. surfing should not be pathetic.. i used wammy 7 nd screen had broken after 10 months, now they r asking 4k to repair it! wht to do now bhayya??

    Thnx in advance!

    • Imran says

      I have been using tab 2 p3100 for over more than a year and I am fully satisfied with it. No complaints. Best build quality. check the drop test videos on YouTube. PLS display is better than IPS display. Go for tab 2 blindly. I don’t know about others. But when it comes to after sales service Samsung is ahead of all. :)

      • shyam says

        Tab 2 is good but Tab 3 is better. It’s lighter(by nearly 40 ms) and more ergonomic. Costs slightly more(2-3 k) but fully worth the upgrade. PLS is not better than IPS, but apart from the Nexus 7c which is now sold out(but try anyway), the only other branded option with an IPS screen is Asus Fonepad which has a few issues(read about them on the net) because of its Intel processor. Tab 3 is still overall the best option at this range even though it’s specs(dual core processor, just 1024×800 screen) are very dated. Any other option is unbranded and without any guarantee of customer support.

        • krishna says

          But Samsung is giving Dual core processor for the price of quadcore :-(

          Finally which one i need to buy??

          Lenovo A 3000 ideatab Or Samsung Tab 2 :-(

  6. bharani says

    Hey gogi,I need your help as i am planning to buy a phone later this month i am running out of ideas that which one would be the best please if you could just guide me a lil bit my budget is around 20-30k also i want a ‘good looking’ phone with no compromise on built quality .So if could just help me a lil bit here i’d highly obliged! Thanks in advance bro :)
    many sites giving htc one for around 30K. but with seller warranty only. can i trust and buy them?
    any other choices?

    • Gogi Rana says

      HTC One mini is for around 32K, and 30K sounds too cheap when others are selling for over 40K. Buy the handset as per your need and the feature you would use. How about Galaxy note 2?

        • shyam says

          Don’t forget LG Optimus Pro. Not as powerful as the Nexus 5 but better camera, bigger(5.5 inch) screen to really enjoy the FHD IPS multimedia experience, Beats Audio, good battery. If you are a multimedia lover, that may be the best choice.

    • yash khatri says

      Iphone 4S or 5C if you have some phone to exchange
      Apple is the best along with the nexus 5 as amartya suggested

  7. Suraj goenka says

    Lava iris 356 is far better than this because iris356 support 3g, dual led flash and also run jetpack joyride, temple run 2, also have proximity sensors. But it has only 1.3 megapixel rear camera. Price approximately 3.9k

  8. Sanchit says

    Its gud for a entry level device.
    but i still feel 512mb ram shld be d min to use in entry lvl phones.

  9. sushil says

    temple run 2 works really well on it. my roommate having it. he bought it 2 days before. and gets 90-100mb free ram while running whatsapp and gmail in background.

    its 2mp camera is better then nokia’s 2mp cam.