Dosto this is JoyRoom T04, if you ever wanted to buy the Apple Airpod or liked the Airpod you can consider buying this for Just Rs. 2,400. It looks great and performance is pretty good considering the price.

You can buy this from Banggood website for Rs. 2,400
JOYROOM T04 Bluetooth True Wireless Earphone —

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This is Apple Airpod clone / Apple Airpod fake, however looks great and performance is really good.

Joyroom T04 true bluetooth wireless earphone / earbuds / earpods specifications

Bluetooth Version: BESV4.2
Headphone battery capacity: 50mAh*2/3.7V (polymer lithium battery)
Charging bin capacity: 500mAh, 3.7V
Play time: 2.5 hours
Standby time: 50H charging voltage: 5V-1A
Charging time: 2 hours for headphones; 2.5-3.5 hours for charging bins
Horn specifications: 8mm,32Ω,3mW×2
Frequency response: 20-20KHz
SNR: greater than 98 dB
Distortion: less than 3%
Product size: 46.4 x 18.5 x 19.5 mm
Battery bin size: 64.5 *57 *27mm
Bare machine weight: 53g
Gross weight: 109 G
Packing Number: Small 8 pcs, Large 96 PCs
Box Specification: 300*135*240mm

Joyroom T04 Features

1. Half-in-ear design, firm and comfortable to wear.
2. Mobile charging cabin, charging and receiving two in one.
3. Continuous power supply, long endurance 50H, 500mAh large capacity for headphone charging 4-5 times.
4. True wireless separate dual fuselage, single and double fuselage separated and combined.
5. Automatically Matched Connection to Open Simple Life.
6. Shock HIFI stereo, 8mm moving coil speaker unit, reproduce the original sound feast.
7. Imported MEMS microphone, high-definition noise reduction and noise filtering, easy to listen and speak.

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