This is pretty impressive, the JoyRoom JR-T03 TWS Wireless Air-Pods or earbuds, they feel and looks like the first generation Apple AirPods, well not just the look and feel and the quality they also work like one. JoyRoom JR-T03S Price is Rs. 3,299.


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JoyRoom JR-T03 Unboxing

Inside box there is charging case, earbuds, user manual, USB To Lightning cable and silicon anti fingerprint case (Red Colour).

joyroom jr t035

JoyRoom JR-T03 design

This one as mentioned looks and feels like Apple AirPods first generation. The build and quality is just too great hard to believe that the company could replicate the Apple AirPods so well. Best part about this AirPods is that they automatically connect to your iPhone that is if you’re using iPhone.

The pairing process is the same as you would do with Apple AirPods versus on your iPhone. All that you need to do is bring the charging case near the iPhone and just open the charging case that’s it – check video.

JoyRoom JR-T03 quality and performance

The sound quality is not that great as you would expect on an Apple AirPods but considering the price tag of Rs.3200 the song quality is really good. Bass, low, mid, high are pretty good, vocals clear and instrument separation also really good.

Earbuds are light weight and they fit well, they look like AirPods but some functionality is missing, i.e. if you remove the earbuds from your ear this will not stop the Music if it was playing. The earbuds do come with touch sensitive buttons.

These are TWS wireless earbuds which means you can connect a single earbuds to one phone and other earbud to another phone.

JoyRoom JR-T03 Battery

The charging case houses a 400 mAh battery whereas the earbuds are powered by a 45mAh battery. On a full charge the earbuds can deliver up to 3 to 4 hours of battery life and the charging case can charge the earbuds for up to 3 times.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -