InFocus will soon launch a new handset, the company has unveiled limited information about the same on their official website. Most likely the handset will be called the Infocus Epic 1 and for sure it is 10 core i.e. Deca Core, well that’s about it, no other details have been revealed.

If you visit the InFocus official website there is an image stating ‘Oh My God !! It’s a 10’, and next to the InFocus logo, ‘Epic 1’ is mentioned. To know more you need to register. No other information have been revealed.

InFocus probably will launch the Infocus Epic 1 handset soon, the official dates have not been disclosed and the company has also not mentioned the full specification. All that we know for now is that it’s a deca core handset and that is more than enough to create interest.

Well stay tuned, probably more details will be revealed in coming days and hopefully we will know when the InFocus Epic 1 handset will be launched.

InFocus Epic 1 coming soon

After Octa Core, Deca Core will be a new trend, let’s see what the company will price the Epic 1 at.