Indian Airlines will soon allow you to use Mobiles and Data in Flight

TRAI released recommendations for Indian Airlines in-flight connectivity. As per their recommendations flyers will soon be able to use their Mobiles Phones and Data while flying (in-Flight)ย  โ€“ with some terms and conditions.

Very soon Flyers in India will be able to use Mobile as well as data services on the flight, throughout their journey. There are some conditions that they need to follow for security reasons. During takeoff and landings the electronic items should be switched off / mobiles in Airplane mode.

Mobiles services can be allowed when the plane is flying at 3000 metres, but that usually happened before takeoff / landing so logically you will get limited time at about 3000 metres. But when it comes to data services that can be provided at high altitudes through Wi-Fi on-board.

Wi-Fi on board

Now this regulatory requirements will be the same for foreign registered airlines as well as Indian airlines. The internet traffic on-board must be routed via Satellite Gateway on Indian soil.

So what do you think about this new feature that you will soon be able to experience on Indian aircraftโ€™s.


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