Face unlock being rolled out on Honor View 10

The Honor View 10 has already been launched, it is AI enabled smartphone and also had the face recognition option, however the face unlock feature was not available. Well the Face Unlock feature has now been rolled out on Honor View 10 handset and it will be via OTA update.

I have done the review of Honor View 10 but that was without the face unlock, so far I have not received the OTA update. As per the company all Honor View 10 users will get it within a week or two. The update is rolled out in phased manner so in case you have not got the update then check back in few days.

With face unlock feature the phone will auto detect when it is picked up and will lock when it detects the registered face. This face unlock isΒ  a little more advanced as it can detect the face positioning and adjust automatically.

Honor View 10 hands on

Plus there is one more unique feature called closed eye unlock prevention – when this option is enabled the face unlock will not happen with closed eye. Will come up with a separate review about the face unlock once I get the update.


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