Here is the iFFalcon 40F2A review, in this video I have also done the unboxing of the iFFalcon 40 inch TV, talked about features, specification and quality. The iFFalcon brand is offering FHD and HDR for a low price and this is the only brand for now that is offering 40″ AI TV in India.

The price of 32 inch TV is Rs. 14,999 but during the Big Billion Day Sales it will be available for Rs. 13,499. Here is the link on Flipkart –

The Price of this iFFalcon 40F2A 40 inch TV will be revealed during the Big Billion Day Sales.

The iFFalcon 40F2A looks great, comes with gloss molding on the front and texture molding on lower front frame. Screen quality is really good considering the price.

iFFalcon 40F2A Specifications

Google Certified TV (LED FHD DTV)
64 bit quad core CPU, Mali 470 x 2 GPU
Running Android O Google Android TV Certified
Supports HDR – 2K HDR10 Decoding
Power consumption : 75W, ECO Energy Efficient
10W x 2 speakers – total 20W output
40 inch screen using DLED backlight unit, 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution
Supports Google Voice input, unit comes with special TCL remote with voice button
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Google chromecast built in
1x USB, 2x HDMI, 1x SPDIF, AV in, headphone jack, Antenna cable in, RJ45 wired lan port
Supports Dolby
UI Google Android TV UI & TCL TV+3.x UI
Other features – Micro Dimming, Motion Clarity
YouTube, Google Play games, Google Play Store, Google Play Movies, Google Cast, Netflix and more
USB drive supports – H.265/H.264,MPEG1/2/4,WMV,VC1,VP8,VP9(1080P)

Major Shareholders iFFalcon: TCL, Tencent and South New Media

Watch the video review

iFFalcon 40F2A

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