Idea Cellular is now offering 1GB data (4G) for its postpaid customers, as per the plan customers will get 1GB cap per day on 4G handsets and in case they are using 3G handset they will get 3G speed per month. So more benefit is for those using 4G handsets.

Another thing is that this plan is available for Idea postpaid customers subscribed to minimum 199 rental plan. So if your Idea bill plan is between Rs. 199 to Rs. 349 you can get the 1GB per day data pack for Rs. 200, you will get 1GB per day cap.

For customers with Bill Plan between Rs. 349 to Rs. 499 will get the same pack for Rs. 50. And customers who are currently subscribed with bill plan of and over Rs. 499 will get the same pack for free.

Idea Cellular new 1GB per day plan

The pack comes with discount for 3 months after that customers can get 1GB per day pack for Rs. 300 until 31st March 2018.

By Sunil V