The iBerry Auxus Beast a 64 bit MediaTek octa core powered handset will be available exclusively on for Rs. 13,990. The handset supports 4G LTE and sports a 5.5 inch screen running Android Lollipop out of the box with 3GB on-board RAM.

Here is another handset from iBerry that will hit the online store soon on 2nd week of April 2015 only on This is a dual SIM handset with 4G LTE support (Works Worldwide). The Auxus Beast is powered by MediaTek True 64 bit octa core processor clocked at 1.7GHz with Mali T760 GPU.

The full specification has not yet been disclosed but key highlight have already been mentioned. The handset sports a 5.5 inch screen with HD resolution (1280 x 720p) and it is using the Miravision display.

iBerry auxus beast coming soon for Rs. 13,990

It will be running Android Lollipop 5.0 out of the box with 3GB DDRIII RAM. Well this is all we know for now. But taking clue from other octa core powered smartphone it will come with at least 13MP or 16 MP camera, front camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. The battery capacity is 3050 mAh.

Stay tuned.

Tip: Pranav Das and Madhan Kumar.

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  1. Asus Zenfone 2 vs Lenovo P70 vs iBerry Auxus Beast vs InFocus M330

  2. Phone seems nice with the specification being mind boggling. But before buying any phone, plz keep in mind the Service & the Service Center available near you. It should not be so that, once you purchased their mobiles and then have to run from pillar to post for getting it repaired. Many of my friends had bought smartphones from Oppo, Micromax, Xiaomi, One Plus One, etc but then they had to travel a maximum of 40 to 50 kms just to get their devices serviced.

    So keep that in mind. Manufacturers of such mobile tend to thrive on our mentality of specifications and other such things at less rates. But. what if you don’t get the service, which is the important aspect.

  3. Great.. gogi ji… auxus beast has already came to your top-5 trending list now… I think you should definitely review this… any plans??

  4. It feels awkward for me to post positive comments about my satisfation but Im forced to do that here reading few of the comments out here.. I dont know what ppl have grudge on this brand;
    Im one of their N1 user and still using it after 1.5 years.
    Yes, I cannot say the phone is top notch like iphone 5 or galaxy s6 ranges, but was definately a value for money phone and it just serves my purpose.
    I even availed their service once and yes again it was not a courteous level of service..but they just serviced my phone and returned in 3 days.
    If anyone asks me would I buy another phone from iberry, then I would say YES, why not?

  5. iBerry is one horrible company. The kind of sincerity they show till they sell a phone will suddenly take a nosedive the moment the phone is sold. Then they will say “Welcome to the horrendous after sales support of iBerry”. I bought 3 phones from them N1, N2 and Auxus One. Every single phone was a problem. N1, they had replace for earpiece problem and they took 1 month. Even the replacement was no good. N2’s battery was pathetic. In 8 months battery had bulged. And they it is improper charging issue. Auxus One they took 1 month longer to deliver. Shameless guys. Within 3 months of selling they no more have accessories for it! Not even a scratch guard. And the touchscreen sensitivity of the phone is buggy. I had to use this phone without scratch guard for a week and now I already see scratches on the much acclaimed Gorilla Glass.

    I hope Auxus Beast is a big flop. People have much more choices today.

    1. You bought 3 of their phones and still complaining..? Why did you buy the 2 and 3rd phone if you were not at all satisfied with the over all dealing of the first phone, you didn’t had any better option or what..? it seems so to me.. Every time they bring this unique revolutionary smartphone which will stand totally out of the crowd !!! Beast will be my third iberry phone, and I totally disagree with you. They have seamless After sales support I had ever come across, atleast far far better than its other Indian comparators such as micromax, carbon, lava etc. I’m a gadget freak and I buy Smartphone every now and then, recently bought yureka and felt little disappointed with the way they responded to my inquiries post the purchase . now i want to go for beast, have very high exceptions on it as I had for their earlier models Aura and N2. and both the times I was satisfied like never before.

      1. I m totally agree with kiran, there are many problems found in iberry’s devices, I m also facing problems in my Auxus Note 5.5 —
        1. Battery- very bad at all, company claims 3200 MAH, but it has only 1000 MAH. Isn’t it cheating with customers?
        2. Display & touch response- not so good
        3. Camera- worst camera quality in this segment. 13mp never close to samsung’s 5mp.
        4. Heating issue- on very light usage device heats so much even when u calling for 8-10 Minutes.

      2. Oh Yeah, you can throw your money on any phone you want. But, what makes you think that I shouldnt complain after buying 3 phones from iBerry. I have all the more the reason to complain. I am a gadget freak myself. Out of the 6 phones I bought for me and my family last year 3 were from iBerry. Exactly as you said, I was excited by the specs everytime. But, the products were sub-standard. Their super sliggish/irresponsible support and sub-standard quality phones is a fact that doesnt need any justification. There are enough people out there who would support my point.

        1. What makes me think why you complain after buying 3 of their phones is because , no intelligent person would want to fall into same dirt twice forget about 3 times. I can see here in your case is why because along with the excitement and eagerness for their unique specs you had enough satisfaction and trust on the brand to burn out more of your money for not one but other two phones as well !I personally would not buy the second phone even if I had a little dissatisfaction with the first deal. Anyway. I’m here to support this brand as it has performed as per my expectations until now and this is one Desi brand which require lot of encouragement and support from we Indians so that it can compete with biggies in the market.

        2. Gogi Bhai they say now it is getting launched on 20th , is it true..? just saw their amazing hammering video . eagerly waiting for your review !!

    2. hmmm.. I think N1 is their 1st phone.. and auxus ONE is their recent last phone as per their you’ve been using their product for almost more than 2 years and still between you also bought one more of their model…that shows the typical nature of greediness of users..
      You are saying “horrendous after sale support” and in the same comment you are saying you got a replacement for your minor speaker issue.
      Even if you buy other indian brands like mmx, karbonn, and all you are going to face the same thing (personal experience) but it doesn’t mean they are bad.. If you great luxurious service giving you tea and coffee when you visit the service centers, then you should NOT buy these indian brands… you should stick to only apples, galaxies and htc’s where you have to pay double for their premium..
      Anyway, I’ve decided to support this brand whatsoever as I’m using their note 5.5 and Im happy with it..
      Low profile brands are getting hit from from such users infront of high profile brands with hi-fi marketing – thats what all I can see here..

      1. Samanth, I am really surprised by your presumptuous nature and skill of blindly trivializing others problems. What made you assume that I am continuously using iBerry phone for 2 years? I had to throw N1 in dustbin within 6 months of buying because of its pathetic battery bkp and heating issues and iBerry couldnt fix it. I went to Xperia S for sometime. When N2 came I gave my XS to my wife and bought N2, excited by the specs. Its battery wont last even for 16hrs with 3G. I lived with it. In eight months battery bulged.. They didnt replace that BULGED battery. Just like you they trivialized it as “Improper Charging”. And I can go on with this list… That “Minor Speaker issue” – Lol. Where did you read it? Earpiece wasnt working for Godsake. A phone is dead without Earpiece. They took nearly 5 weeks to replace that. Isnt it horrendous? Even for replacing the defective battery of brand new Nuclea n2 they took 3 weeks. A new phone sitting with a dead battery in your hands right out of box. How would you feel? Excited huh? Long story short (and I will no more respond to this thread), it is because of customers like me giving them multiple opportunities, small brands (are they worth this term?) like iBerry survive. After giving 3 opportunities I am giving up on them. And it is my responsibility to let others know about it!

        1. kiran…..der is nthg to be surprised of being him presumptuous and trivalize. the fact is am surprised to see u tat inspite of throwing n1 in dustbin wit in 6mnths… n again u bought another 2phns….tat means ur satisfied wit the product as wel as their service…

        2. oh my god.. you sound so much like a competitor but I wonder which competitor do this auxus brand have as from my knowledge they’re still too unknown to majority of ppl..
          Anyway, your opinion is yours. Mine is mine. I still recommend this brand as long as Im using their phone and satisfied with it like how my cousin recommended this to me in first place..
          There are already quite a lot of word-of-mouth customers for auxus a midst of greedy ppl like few…

          1. Show some variety in the script guys. Dont keep playing the same song “Since you bought the second phone you must be satisfied with the first phone. And since you bought 3rd phone you are even more satisfied with 1st and 2nd phone” over and over. Even a 6 year old kiddo will find out that it is a family song that is running here. Dont risk blowing your covers. Come on get creative πŸ™‚

  6. This will be my third iberry phone. Best brand ever to taste high end specs for low price.

  7. Iberry has able to get some kicking specs for this phone. But considering their after sales service & poor brand value, they should have priced his @ 11K. That would have cause revolution for them. 14K is too much for Iberry brand.

    1. Are you kidding bro..? just saw their previous products sale in which they have sold one model priced for Rs. 15990 more than 4k, that too on ebay. so definitely this model will be a hit , and i can see only other competitor for iberry now is huawei honor 6 with similar spec priced for Rs 18k . I think now a days people don’t care about brand value anymore as long as they are getting good stuff for the amount they are paying they are happy.

      1. Well then Rahul, considering Yu’s Yuphoria, Asus Zenfone 2 & Lenovo’s A7000, lets see who goes for this beast.

  8. I see lot of reply for posts here , & most of them are replying abt positive sides of the brand , I am 100% sure they are from brand employees ! so please don’t trust if anyone telling pointwise lists of positive sides of the company, service centre list, this seems professional work ,it seems they also say good about other smartphone & compare it with their smartphone , & finally their phones win in specs !

    1. if someone say good about one brand, he is an employee. If someone say bad, he’s a competitor πŸ˜€ wow.. what a concept. I’m definitely here to support iberry brand because its a lesser known company and I am using their product for quite sometime and happy with long as i have time to comment like this.. because satisfied ppl wont come out and comment like this.. only one has issue will speak out..

      1. @samanth Kumar big brands don’t do these kind of cheap things , these things are only created by rebranded brands ,they mess all the tech forums !

        1. Im not a big brand type of guy πŸ˜‰
          btw, all indian smartphone brands are not makers, they’re rebranders only. Only chinese brands and mnc brands are makers

      2. Sorry samanth kumar,but this case is different I am a student an not a employe. My budget was 10,000 first but i extended it to 13990 just because of specs of this phone breast. First I was ready for xiomi 4 g but it was single sim so I went to xiomi note 3g but expandable storage was 32 gb, but no then I went for infocus m330, nothing to say about this phone comparing xiomi phones it is very very better, then I went to lenovo a7000 because of it’s high benchmark then micromax yu but I didn’t like it at last I came and finalized the beast.

  9. Don’t buy this company phones….. they give too bad service…. if you buy…you definitely cry…….

  10. F****** iberry, guys please don’t purchase any iberry products, they are shit. I burnt my hands spending almost 25k on their product and now none is working. Their customer service is crap. Please don’t waste your money.

  11. Hope this is a hit for iberry. Wow 3gb ram for less than 15000 rs is a showstopper budget phone. But am interested in meizu m note.

  12. Lolz,watch this hillarious Iberry Auxus Official Youtube Release Video,they hav used the much recently released Thala Ajith’s Yennai Arindhaal(Tamil Movie) Theme music at the end.The person who edited this Iberry Beast Official Youtube Video seems to be a Diehard Thala Ajith Fan:

    And when I Google searched for Iberry Auxus devices many of them are complaining that service centres are only available in Chennai(not so sure) and some are saying that they hav tied with some other service centres in other locations.So,I frankly don’t know whom & what to believe.

    I personally think that one should better wait & get Zenfone 2(Confirmed April last week Indian Release).

    I may consider buying Iberry Auxus Beast only if it supports cdma & Evdo Revision A networks along with 4G LTE!

    1. Yes bro, I had purchased iberry’s tablet and paid miserably for its poor,inefficient and insensitive service. My sister has the same story.

    2. Ajith die hard fan.. you are right bro πŸ˜‰

      About the service, I’ve been using auxus note 5.5 for almost more than 8 months now and its pretty decent run so far.. I had to avail the service once when I was in bangalore for minor issue and it was fixed in the bangalore service center in 2 days time. Now I’ve moved to Chennai.
      My cousin who is in Mumbai (from whose advice I went for the auxus phone) also confirmed they have service center in Mumbai too. Basically they have tie up with service centers same like mmx, xolo, karbonn etc., where all does services for brands that they tie up (non-exclusive).

      Im in Chennai now but so far never had to visit their service center here yet.

      The whole list of their service centers can be found here

      1. Thanx a lot for the feed back guys then I think it’s better to stay away from Iberry brand. I am now all set to wait and buy Zenfone 2!

    3. Yes Bro not only at the end of the the promo. They have used the Yennai Ariyanthal song from beginning . Listen to entire song! πŸ™‚

      1. @Sackthi: Ha,ha yes you’re right they hav used Yennai Arindhal theme music but at first they some what mixed it so u couldn’t find it,but only at last u could clearly find that it’s yennai arindhal theme music!

  13. iberry should have released it with1000 rs less. because zenfone 2 is going to release which has better soc

    1. If you are brand conscious, then you can go for Zenfone 2..
      Otherwise, Auxus Beast is way better and anytime a better option. Zenfone 2 is with 2gb ram and priced about 12k and 17k. The 4gb ram version is above Rs.23k. When they launch in India, it will be atleast 10-20% more price than this (adding Indian customs duties and taxes)

      Auxus beast is with 3gb ram for Rs.14k is a no-brainer and that too with 64-bit architecture octacore. If you are looking for 2gb ram, Yureka is best. If you are looking for 3gb ram, auxus beast is currently the best option considering the price.

  14. I think it will have a mtk6753 as it is said to have global 4g and octa core… Phone loooks really awesome for the price point….

  15. Excellent yaar… was hoping for a price of Rs.16k…and was following it from last 4-5 days… but Rs.13990 is just one word – AWESOME!!

    btw, this will be my second phone from auxus after auxus note 5.5 πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Samanth, I m using auxus note 5.5 from last 8 months. Device is good but the only problem is battery, I just want to know is there same problem with your one. I installed CPU-Z app in my phone & I surprised to see that the capacity of battery shows only 1000 MAh in battery section, I m totally shocked & contact customer service support, very bad experience with CSS at all, they aren’t trying to understand the problem. Now I just want to know if you have the device right now pls install CPU-Z app & reply soon that if your one is also shows 1000 mah capacity in Battery section. Pls reply asap. Thank You.

  16. Thanks For Sharing the News With All Users.

    It’s Gonna be a Kickass Mobile