iBall in partnership with Microsoft India has launched a HDMI dongle iBall Splendo PC-on-a-Stick that converts your TV into a PC. Consumers will need to connect this dongle to their HDMI TV and can experience full PC experience. Splendo is priced at Rs. 8,999.

iBall Splendo is a compact dongle that is powered by Intel ATOM quad core processor. This devices comes packed with 2GB on board RAM and 32GB built in storage. Splendo is running Windows 8.1 out of the box.

Splendo is small and portable device you can carry with you, however you need a HDMI TV for this to work. Connect it with the TV and you get a fully functional PC. Good enough for browsing, office work, connecting with friends on social networks and for checking emails.

iBall Splendo PC on a Stick launched for Rs. 8,999

The Splendo dongle also comes with a single USB 2.0 port, Micro SDXC slot, built in Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi. There is a power button and a micro USB port for powering up this device.

The iBall Splendo is priced at Rs. 8,999 along with the Wireless Kit (a keyboard and a mouse).

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  1. Will it be a good decision to buy it for browsing especially, will the price drop in near future (2/3 months).

  2. The Intel Compute Stick did have a few issues, though minor. This will be no different. The main thing faced by users was that simultaneous use of Btooth and WiFi made both of those functions very erratic. The rest is all fine.

  3. One such device was launched by intel itself couple of months back. I think its the same. Performance of this dongle was no good as per the plenty of reviews available. Even surfing net and watching streaming videos through this dongle is a horrible experience, which might be the sole purpose for many. This dongle was a complete flop and then intel might have sold them to other vendors cheaply.

    1. There is no issue with performance. I have a windows tab with similar specs and it is virtually trouble free.

      Having said that the price will drop below 5K in coming months

  4. Hi, Just goggled and came to know that OS is a trial version. Keep this in mind before you buy.

    1. Its not a trial version. Its the bing version which is upgradeable to windows 10 too.

  5. Hi, if I want to check my file or image or video which are in my mobile so I will be able to check it without using internet or wifi?

    1. Yes you can, there are various ways, you can connect phone to USB and access storage as a drive or use Wi-Fi / Bluetooth.

  6. That sounds really good. iball is doing something new to compete within the electrical market. Lastly they launched iball slide i701 with windows 8.1 which is upgradeable to 10 and then the amazing mSLR with detachable OK Lens and now this Splendo…! Lets see whether they create a possible good effect on Buyers or not?

    1. What iBall does is that they visit markets in China and grab whatever is not available here in India and buy it in quantity of thousands, stamp their logo on back and sell them here. Same practice followed by all indian manufacturers.

      1. All vendors do that. Atleast in this case you get some thing which is upgradeable unlike the chinese androids