iBall Andi 5c review – buy the Micromax A90 instead!

The iBall Andi 5c runs on Android OS, is powered by 1GHz cortex A9 processor with 5MP camera. The Andi 5c handset is way overpriced at Rs. 12,500. Performance wise it is as good as the Wamny Note which is much cheaper.

On the iballmobiles site it is mentioned as 1GHz Cortex A9 Processor; do not confuse it with something new in fact it is the MTK MT6575, 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 Processor similar to what we have seen on Wammy Note and the Micromax A90.

The Andi 5c definitely is a bit better than the Micromax A100 that got a benchmark score of an average 2000 points, the Andi 5c on the other hand got a score of an average 2300. 5c is with better CPU / GPU as compared with A100 and other features are the same, however the price difference is just too much.

The Handset looks more like the Wammy note with 3 dedicated buttons, of which 2 are touch sensitive. The A100 does not have any dedicated buttons instead you get it via the OS, which also reduces the screen resolution by about 72 pixels.

The IPS display screen of 5 inch has got a good viewing angle. The touch is super smooth and responsive.  The screen resolution is 800×480 pixels with 256K colours. There is a 5MP camera (Auto Focus) at the back with LED flash and a front VGA (0.3 MP) for video chats via Skype. The handset is 12mm thick.

The overall performance is as good as seen on the Wammy Note and A90 from Micromax. The RAM is 512MB with 4gigs of internal storage. MicroSD card is also supported. The camera is 5MP autofocus which really does not impress; the quality is a little low as what seen on other 5MP AF cameras. Furthermore you can record videos in VGA mode only. The camera features are the same as found on A100 / A90.

All the other features are include like 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, FM radio, Dual SIM capabilities, GPS, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, G-sensor, Proximity / Light Sensor and microUSB port. A battery of 2300 mAh works pretty well and gives a comfortable usage time of over 1 day with moderate to heavy usage.

iBall Andi 5c review

iBall Andi 5c review
The iBall 5c looks good and does a pretty good job, but lacks features when one looks at the price tag. Between iBall or the Micromax A90, well definitely A90 with 4.3 inch screen, it is not just the feature but the price difference with is hardly few hundred rupees. Between iBall or the Micromax A100 / Karbonn A18, well here too the iBall fails because of the price factor.

Other option is to go in for the Wammy Note that has better specs than the Andi 5c, is cheaper and also entitled for a Jelly Bean update.

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  1. vishnu says

    Hi Gogi, is there any possibility of upgrading the stock android 4.0.3 of Andi 5c to Jelly Bean 4.1 or 4.2?? I was able to root the device with a general rooting procedure for other models….

  2. Amol says

    Hi Gogi, is there any possibility of upgrading the stock android 4.0.3 of Andi 5c to Jelly Bean 4.1 or 4.2?? I was able to root the device with a general rooting procedure for other models.

  3. vipin says

    Gogi one of my friend bought andi 5c and his device screen goes off and on in standby, you have any idea why this happened?

  4. yash says

    Hi gogi, can u pls write review of lenovo s880? its also 5inch phone with similar features pls do write would be eagerly waiting for your review.

  5. Farhan choudhary says

    Is the camera quality of Iball Andi 5c is same as nokia camera quality. From where should i buy this mobile phone. Please suggest any store address who can provide this phone at a good reasonable price.

  6. santosh says

    Dear Gogi, I have used few hours wammy note it's heating at the earpiece while talking, camera is not even nearby to MMX A90, f.m.receiver is not upto the mark.
    Good things are that it's very light weight, white colour is so nice, battery is OK.
    Santosh Shirke

    • gogi says

      Santosh, check the heating issue with Wickedleak, as for camera it works great outdoors, but the auto scene mode is not good (something to do with the software). Try selecting the scene modes manually and see the difference. Let me know.

      • Bij says

        I tried Whammy note in Chembur Store, Mumbai. The GPS was not locked even after 20 minute with 3G data sim inside. same problem with Parto.in (Pune co.) 5inch Mobile, costing approx. 10800/- which they claim to be dual core and on its box it says GPS/GLONOSS.
        But at least look wise Whammy Note is better and more appealing.
        Request – Pl. also write about GPS/GLONOSS signal quality in practical use. & if parto’s Chinese phablet have both Satellite Navigation System than why can’t Micromax and Korbonn?
        Appreciate your simple & crisp review.

        • admin says

          Bij, GLONOSS is similar to GPS. With GLONOSS enabled you will be able to lock on to many more satellites than in normal GPS mode. This means the accuracy will increase even when you are surrounded by tall buildings. GPS locks to GPS satellites and GLONASS locks on to GLONASS satellites.

  7. bobby says

    I wana buy a new high end low price mobile. Should I wait for karbonn a24, or choose from mmx a90, karbonn a18, iball andi 5c, wammy note, which is much better as per screen size, resolution, camera? And karbonn a24 is a dual core?

  8. rockeZ says

    Tried to find this buy dint get answers . Hope you will answer this.

    What is difference between 1ghz cortex and 1ghz snapdragon processors.

    Which is better.

    A100 has snapdragon and andi 5c has cortex.

    Please answer.

    • gogi says

      Cortex is the ARM architecture – Cortex (core designs), Snapdragon is a processors (brand). If you check this http://www.qualcomm.com/chipsets/snapdragon you will find some product with cortex A5 and so on. Of the two A100 / Andi 5c the 5c is better as it has the same processor MTK MT6575, 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 Processor as on karbonn A18 and Micromax A90.

      • rockeZ says

        Thank You for Replying both the questions.

        I will wait some time and then check the reviews and then Go for Andi 5C depending on reviews.

        Also by when would you post videos of Andi 5C?

  9. santosh says

    Dear Gogi,

    kindly let me know the FM,camera,and voice clarity of wammy notes is it as good as Micromax A90?

    I planning to place the order of Wammy note.

    • gogi says

      Except for the screen which is much better on A90 (cause of AMOLED) other features are as good as on the A90.

  10. praanv raval says

    Hi Gogi, I am looking for a device which has all the latest features and ICS and also big screen. Dual sim not necessary. but wanna device for high usage. I am confused between Samsung Galaxy S Advanced, Galaxy S Duos, Micromax A100, MicromaxA90, iball Andi5c, Wammy Note, Sony Xperia NEO L. So please suggest me the best choice out of all these., I am having budget of upto Rs 20,000/- so you can suggest me any one out all above or is there any best other alternatives. thanks in advanced.

  11. Dr Senthil says

    Hi gogi, we r expecting indepth video review of iball andi 5c! regarding the display how would u rate 5c with mmx a100/ karbonn a18? thanks in advance