If you love shooting pictures using your mobile phone then you will love this HTC Re camera. This is an instant on camera, just hold it and start shooting. It can shoot images in 16MP resolution and can also record 1080p videos at 30fps.

Box Pack
The unique box pack contains a periscope style HTC Re Camera, data cable, wrist strap, quick start guide and free 8GB micro SD card that you will find inside the micro SD card slot.

This camera looks like a periscope. There is no view finder. All you need to do is point the lens towards the subject and shoot. The HTC Re camera is available in different colours and the body is made of plastic with good build quality.

The weight is 68 grams (with battery), the built in battery is of 820 mAh capacity. There is a big silver button on the back (top) along with a mic. Another button is placed on the front side below the lens for shooting slow motion videos. There is an LED indicator inside the silver button and another one on the front bottom along with speaker.

HTC Re camera box pack

The Re Camera comes with wide angle lens (145 degree) and it is water proof. You can submerge it and shoot underwater videos / photos up to 1 meter for not more than 30 minutes. You attach the water proof cap (sold separately) and then take the Re camera to up to 3 meters deep and you can shoot for not more than 120 minutes.

HTC Re camera review and unboxing

The device is made to replace the phone camera and for that reason it is always on. There is no power button. To switch on the device for the first time you need to press the silver button for 2 seconds, once the device is ‘on’ you cannot switch it off using the device, however you can switch it off using the smartphone app.

The Re camera comes with instant on grip sensor. It goes into standby mode after 30 seconds to save battery and when you hold it in your hand it will wake up and you are ready to shoot images / videos. Press the silver button once to click images or press and hold for 2 seconds to shoot 1080p videos.  The font button can also be used to shoot slow motion videos – you need to press and hold for few seconds to start the recording and again press and hold for few seconds to stop the recording.

HTC Re Camera review

There is micro SD card slot, micro USB port to charge the device and option to connect the tripod stand.

The shutter does lag. It can shoot still images in 16MP resolution in 4:3 aspect ratio and in 12MP resolution in 16:9 aspect ratio. There is ultra wide angle mode for more coverage.

This is with a fixed focus camera so you will need to maintain a distance. It is good for long shots, scenery, wedding, party and so on. Though the camera quality is good, in low light conditions it is not up to the mark. You need to hold the device perfectly still to get perfect shots.

HTC Re camera 146 degree wide angle lens

It can shoot 1080p videos at 30fps – also supports video stabilization. The time lapse is pretty good, you can set the timer for single shots and then a movie will be created after particular number of shots.

The still image / video quality is good, if not better than what most smartphones may be offering.

You will need to download the Re application available on Google Play and Apple store. Once done you can set up the camera and also upgrade to the latest firmware if available. There is no view finder but you can use the app and your phone as a view finder if needed.

HTC Re Camera ports - micro USB, Tripod and micro SD card slot

There is 820mAh built in battery. The LED will show green when the battery % is over 25 and it will show orange when it is below 25%. You can shoot FHD videos for almost 1 hour 50 minutes.

What to do when Re camera does not charge?

I faced some issue with Re camera it was not charging, totally dead. In such a situation you can open the SD card slot there is a tiny reset button there, use a pin and press it. The camera should then charge. It worked for me.

The camera quality could have been better. It definitely has an advantage when compared with a smartphone camera in term of draw speed – on mobile you need to press the power button, unlock and then tap camera button or unlock directly to camera; now with Re camera all you need to do is hold and shoot. Camera quality is good outdoors but not that great indoors (as mentioned you need to be very still when clicking still images).

For Rs. 9,990 considering the image quality, the price is on the higher side, but nevertheless a good buy if you are looking for a different, instant point and shoot camera.

HTC Re camera is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 9,999.

Image Gallery

Sample Images shot using the HTC Re Camera

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in