Gmail users usually do not keep track of their Gmail storage space and if they are getting a lot of emails per day they tend to ignore most mails. These mails add up in the long run and take up a lot of space. You can however delete Gmail emails in bulk.

How to deleted thousands of emails from Gmail account?

There is no need to manually check and delete, in fact this process is not at all viable if your have thousands of emails. The best way to deleted mail in bulk from your Gmail account is to search / filter to get the list of emails and then delete, the process is mentioned below.

  1. Use browser, login to Gmail and then in Gmail search type this : (in:inbox) and (is:unread) to get all the unread emails, usually those are the ones that you were not interested in and since it was not deleted, it did not end in spam and these mails will never be removed unless you do so manually.
    How to remove Gmail mails in bulk
  2. After you get the results select all from the square box as seen in the image below.Gmail bulk select emails
  3. Now it is important to click select all conversations that match this search – you will find this link on the top before the results (check image below).
    Gmail bulk delete
  4. Once all conversations are selected hit the delete icon.
  5. Gmail will now delete all the emails that matched the search criteria. It will take some time depending on the number of emails, wait for the process to complete.

So this is how you can delete bulk emails from your Gmail account in one go.