There are some really cool offers going on Gearbest website. You will find a lot of unique gadgets that are not available in India that too at a discounted price. Its huge and will go on for few day so do check out.

Gearbest is an international site and you can find lot of interesting products there at a very good price tag. But do note that if the product value is high then it will attract custom duty. You need to be careful on that part.

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Great offers on Gearbest

Tips on buying products from GearBest

Since this is international site you need to import products into India and it will attract custom duty for high end products.  Here are some tips for buying from Gearbest site.

  1. Avoid buying product that is available in India, even if it is cheap it will attract custom duty and you will end up paying more than what you would have paid had you bought from India.
  2. Avoid buying a smartphone, but you can if you don’t mind paying the custom duty, better go for DHL or FeDEX shipping when buying smartphone, tablets, laptops (high value products price over 200 USD), do not use EMS / free shipping for such high value products.
  3. For products that are smaller in size and priced under $30 you can opt for free shipping but if there is priority line shipping option then use that.
  4. If you are planning to buy a smaller device that is pricey example a action camera, power bank, premium quality portable speaker or a gadget that is not a smartphone (mini PC) etc., you can opt for priority line shipping in 99% cases you will not be paying any custom duty when using priority line shipping (don’t use it for shipping smartphone).
  5. Priority line shipping at times is free and at times comes with a minimal charge. Also note this Priority line shipping is very fast, faster than free / EMS shipping however it is only available if warehouse location is from China, if it is from Hong Kong you will not get that option.

So hope these tips will help you get a good gadget from Gearbest.

Jump on to Gearbest and look at their offers, if you find anything interesting leave a message below.

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  1. Sir,
    I would like to buy Zte Axon 7 through Gearbest from HK whose price around ₹20100 including DHL shipping cost . What would be the customs duty? Kindly suggest me…

  2. Hello gogi bro , I trying to buy a mi note 2 from gearbest as a final price of $298 including DHL SG shipping $11.88 and insurance for the product $6.60 totally the amount $298 has final price , and I would like to know how much custom duty will be payable to customs please guide me how to get this smartphone from gearbest.

    1. Use this link to buy and instead of DHL choose priority line shipping if available, now if warehouse is from HK then you will not get that option, in that case you will need to go with DHL here is the link

      Also regarding custom duty with DHL (they have been charging too much these days) it is not always fixed, depends on assessment, but for this product custom duty could be under Rs. 5000

      1. Dear GogiBro,
        From GearBest order worth $100 (Tablet) via DHL how much will be the custom duty? Please reply me.

  3. Gogi,
    How is this ‘MGCOOL Explorer Pro'(selling at$28.99) and what will be the diff. between 1s and Pro?

  4. Hi Gogi bro,
    Can we please add all these related posts under a seperate menu tab(International)?
    That shall contain all the product post links that were not available in India, along with the posts guiding how to buy them.
    I hope this suggestion helps many, who are searching to buy items from international sites.
    Thank you

  5. Does anyone know if an order from Gearbest around around Rs. 5400 will attract any custom duty? I read the Directorate General of Foreign Trade has raised import limit from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 50k but lacks clarity if it means 0 import duty or only for avoiding paper work? Has anyone “recently” imported any products from gearbest China warehouse with Priority Shipping (or for that matter any other chinese shopping site) for this much amount and got customs duty?

    1. Like Gogi said its depends upon product how small and big it is, if it is small you can easily ditch the customs

  6. HI! anyone knowing which TAX ID to mention while ordering from gearbest and chosing DHL express as the shipping method.Please help!

  7. If I want to order a tablet worth 150dollars, what shipping method should I use to avoid any problems later?

  8. Hi Gogi,
    I am planning to order multiple products.
    Will there be any issue at customs?
    1. How much you suggest a single bill shouldn’t cross, in order to avoid customs?
    2. Ordering multiple items will attract customs duty even if it’s less than certain amount?
    3. How to deal if there are any issues with the delivered product?!
    I am holding my order until your valuable inputs
    Thank you

    1. Better go for 1 product per order and don’t order too many on same day give it say a week time break.

      1. Thanks bro.
        A week’s time? I think we don’t have that time as there is a flash sale going on!!
        But, my order contains small valued products.
        I am planning to split my orders $30 each. May contain multiple items depending on the value. Will this be fine? Please give inputs.
        Thank you

        1. Should be okay as long as the size is small, also some you can go for free shipping, some for registered shipping, some for priority shipping that way you get products delivered from different sources. The idea is you would not want the custom checker to see 10 to 15 products in line by Nishad, hope you got the idea.

  9. How will i know the taxes or custom duties I’ve to pay for a certain product suppose i buy a product that has been priced at 9.99 dollar what would be the custom duties

  10. Suggest Bluetooth ear phones under 1500, i hot meizu wireless Bluetooth model, regards your opinion.

  11. Hello Gogi Bro..What about smartphones priced between 100 to 150 USD ….Will it attract any duties please help me out

    1. Problem is if you get such phones using free shipping and if you get call from customs you will end up paying duty plus fine that comes almost same as the price you paid for the phone and if you use DHL / Fedex for this you will need to pay extra for that shipping plus you will also need to pay custom duty. Hence better to avoid products less than 200 USD specially smartphones, unless you want to take the risk with free shipping – some get it without duty.

  12. sir… what are the products have you bought from gearbest?… please tell us so we can order related to that.. thanks