Google introduces new sign in page

Gmail is very popular and there are many internet users who are depended on it, including myself. When checking my email today I saw a link at the bottom highlighted in light yellow with the text Coming Soon : A new sign-in page with links to preview it.  Well that’s the new Google Sign in page which will soon replace the older one.

This is still in beta and may soon replace the old Gmail sign in page. You can however start using the new Sign in page by clicking the preview it link. The new sign in page will be used on all Google products like Google Docs, Google YouTube and Gmail.

What’s new with the New Google Sign in page

When I checked the new Gmail sign in page the first thing that came to my mind was it is better, well organised and better usage of space, and since I use a wider screen I noticed that the page fits better with white space around the left and the right side. In other words if you are using a bigger / wider screen the page will limit itself to a particular width which makes the Google Sign in page look much better as compared with the older one.

Old Google Sign In (Login) Page

Old Google Sign In (Login) Page

The New to Gmail and Create an Account links has now been shifted at the top and there is plenty of blank space below the Sign in Form. The content is the same and so are the links.

In general the sign in page (form) looks bigger nicely formatted and with new background (form) colour (grey).

New Google Sign in (Login) Page

New Google Sign in (Login) Page

So if you have not already checked the new Google Sign in page do so now. Just in case if you don’t like the new design you will have to get adjusted to the new one as eventually it will replace the older one.

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