If you have recently upgraded the Google Talk application you may be aware that Talk is now replaced with Google Hangouts. Hangouts come with a new interface and support many new features.

However, there are some features that are missing on Google Hangouts. You cannot set your status. If you were invisible on Google Talk you will be by default, visible on hangouts and there is no option to change it.

Probably Google might add the invisibility / status update option, but for now the only way to stay invisible is to logout from Google Hangouts. Fortunately there is the sign out option but it may not be easy getting to it.

How to logout from Google Hangouts

  • Tap the context (alt menu) button and then tap on settings.
  • You will then see the list of account/s, select the one that you want to sign out.
  • You will then get a page scroll down till the end and there you will find the sign out option.

Google Hangout Sign Out from your android handset

Google Hangout is much better as it offer many features that were not available on Google Talk. Though it is in the initial stage and many users may not like it, but there is no option, Hangout has already replaced Talk – though you can still continue using Talk without updating it. But sooner or later Talk will be phased out.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in