are offering free India domain (.in) for Indian residents with hosting completely free for one year. Should you go ahead and register a free domain for yourself or your company, just because it is free?  Note this is an old article and they might not be offering free domain.

Well you definitely should, if you are planning to start a website for blogging or for your company or for just about any legal stuff, grab this opportunity. You get to experiment for 1 year without having to pay anything from your pocket.

Is there a catch?

Google is managing the (India get Online) website and if you check the WHOIS it is indeed registered to Google which makes this 100% genuine. Google is offering any .in domain that may be available with 1 year free website hosting with tools, templates, support etc through its partner

What is the advantage?

First of all you pay nothing and in return get an .in domain, which is registered to you and not with Google or its partners. Your .in domain will be managed by HostGator but at any point of time after 60 days, if you wish, you can move to any other domain registrar. So basically you have full control on your domain.

HostGator also provides free hosting which means you can get your site up and running with free templates and tool as provided by HostGator. You also get technical support from HostGator 247. If you are not happy with the hosting you can move to other host but it will be hard to find any other free host.

Apart from this website owners also get Rs. 2,500 worth of free Google AdWords advertisement for online promotion.

Is this free forever?

Well nothing comes for free in this world. The main objecting of Google and its partners is to get as many consumers as possible.  Because after 1 year will be charging users to keep their domain and hosting accounts going. They do say it will be a minimal charge but have not specified the amount which is quite valid because you never know how the markets will be in the future.

Can anyone get a free .in domain?

Not exactly, a valid PAN CARD is required. The reason why PAN card is mandatory, because that way, a single person can register only one domain plus this will also keep school and college students out who most probably will not be having a PAN card and in fact they will be the first one to grab this opportunity. Clever thinking… Google.

So how do I get started?

Just hop on to and click the Yes I want my free Website button and follow the instructions.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -