The Gionee M2 showed up on the official website a few days back and now it is listed on Snapdeal with a price tag of Rs. 11,123.  This handset comes powered by 1.3GHz MT6582 quad core chipset with Mali 400 GPU.

I just uploaded the review of Gionee Pioneer P3 that also comes powered by 1.3GHz quad core, it is priced at Rs. 6,380. Now the M2 at Rs. 11,123 is with same hardware (as compared with P3) but with 1GB RAM, 5 inch screen with FWVGA resolution, 8MP rear camera and a bigger battery capacity of 4200 mAh.

The Gionee M2 is almost double the price of Gionee Pioneer P3 but close to the Micromax A114, its competitor. Other features are 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS. This is a dual SIM handset. The rear 8MP camera is with LED flash support and front camera is 2MP.

Gionee M2 on snapdeal

The specifications on the Snapdeal website does not match the specifications as mentioned on the official website. But not to worry they will correct it soon, probably they might have already done that.

For now you can buy the Gionee M2 for Rs. 111,23.

Tip: Gagan, Gaurav Singh.

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  1. Dear Gogi Sir

    I like your reviews very much and I purchased GIONEE M2 after seeing your review
    can u please tell me whether both the sim slot supports 3g or its only 1st one supports 3g please tell me sir as early as possible because i have to purchase another sim for the phone

    thanks raj

  2. Hi all,

    on 8th March 2014 i recieved an update on my Gionee M2

    noticed that only a change was “My GIONEE M2 Got Rooted Automatically”

    I checked already when i purchased the phone whether it is rooted or not, i was not rooted until 7th March,
    on updating on 8th march,

    I was Rooted, i noticed this when DU battery saver suddenly asked me to Grant Root access.

    Well …..
    this phone is awesome already..

  3. gogi , its a superb mobile at a budget price , u can play hd videos , play most of the games , and battery is simply awesome , back camera quality is simply mindblowing at this price in day light as well as low light , 10/10.

  4. its got sold out in snapdeal on same day..and now not even showing in gionee website. portfolio of m2 is saying 404 page not found..

  5. Gogi sir review this gionee m2 .. It look good .. But i think this handset will also have same problem as gionee gpad g3 and p3 … And conform thah it has 512mb ram or 1gb on gionee site they sad 1gb..

  6. Gogi sir review this gionee m2 .. It look good .. But i think this handset will also have same problem as gionee gpad g3 and p3 …

    1. Its a gGood phone I am using it. 1GB Ram it have and phone performance is very good. Go for it

  7. I want to buy this phone so only if you can review this phone I would be really happy….. and also heard that e3 somtimes just freeze and you have to remove battery to make it work again….. Is it true

  8. Gogi sir, what is 64 million colours as shown on gionee m2 portfolio page under features tab? I’ve heard 16m but what’s this?

  9. Hi Gogi sir, This is regarding the price hike in micromax canvas 4 A210. Yesterday it was ₹14450 and today it is displaying ₹15900 for the gray color handset on online flipkart. Is there is too demand for the model? Or too demand for micromax? Or some international global fluctuation ? I am not sure whether they hiked all handset? Or particular handset only? It hiked by flipkart or hiked by micromax ? What is the hidden game behind the hike we dont know.

    1. Again they changed to 14550 but same model white color is 18000 . Just for color so much difference!

    2. I think it could be the demand. I also think MMX may not be manufacturing the canvas 4 now so the stocks will fall and sellers will try taking advantage from it.

  10. at least 720p display is needed for this device at this price tag.or the price should be around 9,000/-

  11. If it is coming with 1270*720 HD resolution and price at 13k plus then super hit but 5 inch with FWVGA resolution …big NO ….only battery lovers will buy this mobile…instead of this put another 5k and buy p780 with hd resloution…

  12. snapdeal showing 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor
    OS Version Android 4.2 Jellybean
    RAM 512 MB
    m confused on 512 and 1 gb ram

  13. Gogi,
    It would be helpful if you could review the difference between the Chip-sets like MT 6589, MT6582 and some of the MT chip-sets.. Many of readers dont know about the chip-set and there differences. I preferably love the chip-set of MT 6589 and Snapdragon chipsets.

    Thankyou in advance..

    1. Yes resolution is too low, but all of these 1.3GHz quad core are with low res, MMX A114 is qhd. Hence a smaller screen with such resolution will be better (don’t expect a good viewing angle).