Gionee the popular Chinese brand coming soon in India

Gionee the well known Chinese brand ranked No. 2 in the GSM market will soon start selling their mobile phones in India. Gionee sells over 23 million handsets in China per year.

Gionee will launch range of handsets in India by end of Feb 2013. They have setup their main office in New Delhi and have already tied up with leading distribution and import partners based in Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Jaipur.

The company will not only provide quality product but is also giving importance to after sales support. The Delhi office will play an important role in testing and customizing the products for the Indian Market. The company will start promoting their brand via Goosebumps their advertising agency.

The Gionee brand is very popular in China (Number 2) and they already have a strong presence in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietam, Middle East, North Africa and now in India.

This is good news for consumers as they will get more options and at a competitive price. It will be interesting to see if these Chinese manufacturers can really bring the price to lower than what the Indian companies are offering. I believe it’s possible as almost all of the Indian companies get their handsets manufactured in China and they then sell it in India with some margin.

Visit  – They have listed some products without the price tag.

Gionee mobiles in India



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