Gionee the popular Chinese brand coming soon in India

Gionee the well known Chinese brand ranked No. 2 in the GSM market will soon start selling their mobile phones in India. Gionee sells over 23 million handsets in China per year.

Gionee will launch range of handsets in India by end of Feb 2013. They have setup their main office in New Delhi and have already tied up with leading distribution and import partners based in Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Jaipur.

The company will not only provide quality product but is also giving importance to after sales support. The Delhi office will play an important role in testing and customizing the products for the Indian Market. The company will start promoting their brand via Goosebumps their advertising agency.

The Gionee brand is very popular in China (Number 2) and they already have a strong presence in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietam, Middle East, North Africa and now in India.

This is good news for consumers as they will get more options and at a competitive price. It will be interesting to see if these Chinese manufacturers can really bring the price to lower than what the Indian companies are offering. I believe it’s possible as almost all of the Indian companies get their handsets manufactured in China and they then sell it in India with some margin.

Visit  – They have listed some products without the price tag.

Gionee mobiles in India

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  1. sagar ghoshal says

    I want to buy Gionee m2 but can I believe in the brand? is Gionee m2 a good mobile?

  2. chinnu says

    hi sir i want buy a mobile of gionee elife e5…….gionee mobile is a brand are not carlity about …….what is main region it branded plz infrom me soon…………

    • manju says

      hi, qualitywise it’s same as other top brands, you can buy e5 with eye closed… Its very good phone and very good build quality..

  3. Bhopu says

    Dear friends , pls. be informed that all so called indian smart phone and feature are actually made in china … even nokia budget phones are china make .. do you know , all ball pen refills , your key board , mouse , laptop what not .. every thing is today made in china.. Indian makers are just fooling us by purchasing these materials from china in bulk , stamp thieir name and eat profit .. just by branding..

  4. nmr says

    My dear sirs, problems of gionee mobiles.
    All ways u r people are telling go to customer service centre handeover the mobile and collect a paper, we will rectify it. But the customer service centre is 15+15 kms away from my office i can’t go frequently,my boss will not permit, moreover u r not rectifying the problems and sending the mobile back with old battery and the problem is existing as it is. Hence i request u to give back my money and collect u r mobile. U can help me i will grateful to u sir.

  5. nmr says

    The gionee ctr v1 phone is having very senstive touch screen And auto rotate options is good. Battery back up also good. Photo clarity front and back is good. But there is no full and clear operating booklet along with mob. this is caused drawback to know much about the phone. And the video downloading from internet is too long, if booklet instruction are good we can over come this problems. And also there is no vcard folder ( for pasting copied mob. numbers and names) and there is no clear guide lines on this subject. If any body knows pl tell me urgently. I also requested the customer care.

  6. Arup Nath says

    Respected Gogi Sir, I am waiting for the video review of “Gionee Ctrl V1″. Now available in Sangeetha Mobiles. Please give us a video review. How is the camera quality despite of 2 M.P camera? How is front camera quality? Can i make 3G video call? Can i make Skype video call? Does this mobile has camera L.E.D Flash?? How is the battery backup.?

    I am sure your guidance and review will help us getting a good product….
    Arup Nath

  7. Deep says

    gogi sir gionee smartphones already launched in the market…I have got the gionee crtl v1 in rs 6500 from kolkata. so kindly give a review of this phone for the other customers that they can have this phone….plz sir. make it first….

  8. Arif says

    Hi gogi, Can you pls tell gionee D1 has 256k or 16M colour screen
    & how is viewing angle. Is there any service centre in Mumbai. I am getting this mobile online @ 14990/-

    • ajay says

      Excellent phone, using it for a month now. Fooled everyone by installing the s4 wallpaper app. Display is great, its unbelievable for phone at this price. Its has excellent reviews by all phone gurus on the net. Worth it.

  9. vivek says

    Dream D1 has been at 17999. There is a full page ad in tamil newspapers. It claims that the phone will be available in Universal and sangeetha showrooms also. Good strategy. Gogi, I am looking forward to your review before buying. Though it appears a little costly, it comes with Super Amoled and Gorilla Glass 2. Also, I hope Cortex is a better processor.

  10. manu bhatia says

    Dear gogi kindly let me know as to how you will rate following four brands of chinese phones qualitywise
    1) Gionee
    4) Xiaomi

    • Leo says

      nothing special, Indian companies give better products at cheaper prices. . If the chinese think they can dupe the Indian customers, they are going to learn a big lesson.

      • Laks says

        one way what u are telling is correct. they change slightly or do higher tech gimmick to their products, but why our people are not giving next higher end in smart phone or tablet?

  11. Laks says

    umi X1S is quad core with 4.5 IPS display. any review available ? available in china through panda will site

  12. Laks says

    Dear Mr.Gogi. I am plan to buy phone. Pl. give ur advice
    My requirement 1. Dual sim dual standby ,ie attending in sim1, then call comes in sim2 then possible to hold call in sim1 and speak to sim2. 2.screen size around 4.5” 3.dimension around 130mmx65mm so that suite in shirt pocket.4.acceptable SAR value (radiation) 5.quadcore processor 6.screen display 1280×720 or more.
    I selected 4 phones 1.gionee Dream D1. It meets all except SAR value not known .Firm representiative told it will be available in March 2013 and through their service centre in chennai. They are responding. 2.Umi x2 but dimensions is higher, in built memory and release date not known and service centre in Chennai also not known. Advantage is gurilla glass2 and full hd resolution.3.Mogu M5 specification not clear but same as umi x2 release date and service centre are not known but price may be lower. Finally the available MMX canvas hd, dimension is higher. SAR value also not declared. Presently my choice is Gionee dreamD1. Pl. give ur opinion. Thank u

  13. Prajwal says

    Hi gogi iam a big fan of u ,

    Is it possible to review Gionee CTRL V3.

    It has got 4.3 inches IPS screen with gorilla glass.

    I asked the Retailer about the Price , he said its about Rs 8300
    Also is it possible to review Dream D1 when its launched ..
    It is mentioned has ‘coming soon’ in Indian website, but its specification is available in gionee worldwide website

    I had called the service center through its service list in website and they assured me the quality of the phone would be very good since its a OEM
    All there customer care lines are already active even before official launch and
    I personally feel this is the best maintained website among other Chinese brands
    They even have a brand introduction video for India

    • vivekraj says

      Yes best website and good company..but in the specification they have mentioned that it is dual core 1GH cortex A9 but its produce features page says its quad core. Again confused.

  14. senthil says

    Dear gogi, I sent a mail to gionee inquiring where can I buy in (Coimbatore). They promptly replied the address details, Senthil doha.

  15. arun says

    gsm that means 2g( sim card based)
    td cdma, wcdma, hsdpa, utms, hspa these are all 3g( sim card based)
    cdma means 2g( without simcard network or carrier based)
    ev do means 3g(without simcard network or carrier based)
    every mobile(smart phone and feature phone) have gsm conctivity except some mobile(less than 0.5%) which have only cdma options,
    so they(gionee) claims themselves no 2 in gsm(feature phone + smartphone) or no2 is mere marketing gimmick

  16. pranav says

    Gionee has launched some products in Chandigarh, I have seen in Dainik Bhaskar Bhopal edition today.

  17. Prithish says

    Frm Umi Europe Fb page gt 2 knw dat X2 will launch sumwhere in April in overseas market coz der is huge demand In China..

  18. Krishna says

    Best website in all Chinese phones. And they put up service centers too. Buy now option is also available. Its gonna interesting.

    • Shailendra Singh says

      But the link to buy now is taking you to a form not online buying site, and aslo service center button not giving result in Maharashtra have not checked for other regions.