GearBest an International website is celebrating its 4th Anniversary and on this occasion from 20th to 26th March they are offering exciting deals and offers on range of products. So in case you have shopped on GearBest or planning to buy something do check the latest offers.

So from today (20th) until 26th March check this page every day for hot, exciting offers and deals. Now if you have never shopped before on Gearbest or any International site, then let me tell you what are the things you should know / consider when shopping.

On Gearbest you can buy products that come with priority line shipping, if you see priority line shipping option then that is good news cause that shipping option is fast (takes 15 to 25 days), you get a tracking code and there is no custom duty involved.

However not all of the products can be shipped via priority line and specially not smartphones. If you are planning to buy a smartphone then make sure to use DHL (express shipping), however that shipping method is costly and you will also need to pay custom duty to DHL at time of delivery. So consider all the cost before ordering a smartphone.

There is free shipping / normal shipping option available to, avoid that as that goes through normal post / EMS and you will end up paying a high custom duty + fine (depends on your luck).

gearbest 4th anniversary sale

So here are the best deals on GearBest from 20th to 26th March

Check this page for Coupons (Daily Deals), if you find something interesting then you can order the same

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Exciting product VKWorld T2 Plus 4G Dual IPS screen smartphone

I will add more deals in comment section below, in case you need coupon code or want to know offers for specific products leave a comment below will try to find the deal / offer.

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By Rajeev Rana

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