Face unlock on Realme 1 3GB, and if there is OTP page refresh issue?

Here is Realme 1 video in this video is about Realme 1 face unlock and Realme 1 OTP page refresh issue. I have shown how Realme 1 Face unlock works and if it is secure.

Realme 1 3GB RAM management issue fixed – https://youtu.be/31_ExzGqrAA

I have already done a video showing that the Realme 1 smartphone with 3GB does not have any RAM management issues.

I got a lot of comments asking for face unlock feature if it is secure and how it works and specially a lot asked about OTG issue. They were using bank page, logged in and then got the OTP page. The OTP they got via SMS when they check / note that down and when they come back to OTP page the page resets.

face unlock realme 1 and OTP issues

Check out this video to know if I faced the same issue or not!


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