Here are some unique and exciting products that you can buy from International stores and for most of these items listed below there will be no custom duty. So do check the products listed below on Gearbest site, if there is priority line shipping option then better use that.

Three digit password lock

This is a digit lock for Suitcase / Bag / Drawer Cupboard Door. You can go with unregistered shipping. Price of this product is 0.99 + 0.03 shipping that comes to approx Rs. 71. Good buy though.

Three digit Password lock  buy here (Rs. 71 approx with shipping) –

numeric lock

Aqua Smart Motion sensor

This is a powerful motion detection sensor – currently priced at $5.99 approx Rs. 420  (this is for limited period).

Buy this from this link –

Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent

Xiaomi Mijia mosquito repellent

Here is one more product by Xiaomi Mijia a Mosquito Repellent, this one is priced at $13.99 + 0.88 for priority line shipping this comes to approx Rs. 982 also note this mosquito repellent needs a repellent mat that is priced at $6.99 + 2 shipping, that comes to approx Rs. 500. These mat will last for up to 90 days. The technology is different.

Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent buy for approx Rs. 982 –

Portable Intelligent Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle from xiaomi youpin – WHITE

I have done the review of this one – check the link here this one is priced at $32.99 approx Rs. 2,300.

Xiaomi Mijia Shaving Electric shaver

Here is another product by Mijia a electric shaver, this one is priced at $39,99 that comes to Rs. 2800 approx, with free priority line shipping – price is really good.

Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver

Xiaomi Mija electic shaver buy fro approx Rs. 2,800 –

$5 for 3 items

This is also good, if you find something interesting. you can choose 3 items for $5 check the link here –