Evidson B3 review – In-Ear Earphone that looks and sounds great

This Evidson B3 in-ear earphone is a made in India product and is available on Amazon for Rs. 899. Check this Evidson B3 review to know more about the product and how it performed. This product is available in 3 different color options.

The Evidson B3 not only looks great, it also performs. This in-ear earphone offers rich bass, vivid highs and crisp mids, in all you get a high definition audio experience. B3 makes use of Neodymium HD acoustic drivers.

Unique thing on this earphone is the cable it is made of a smooth material, when you touch it feels like rubber. These cables will not (easily) get tangled up. There is a in-wire controller with mic and single button, this single button is multi functional you can use it to receive calls + pause / play / skip music tracks.

Evidson B3 box pack

Evidson B3 specifications

Box content (Unboxing) : Earphone, ear plug caps and thank you / user manual
Type : In-Ear earphone
Model : B3
Material : Metal
Driver : Neodymium HD acoustic
Controlled : In-line single multi button, mic

Evidson B3 quality


The Evidson B3 looks great and is really eye catchy. The sound quality is pretty impressive. You get rich bass, mids and highs are also crisp and clearly audible. This earphone is better than most earphones in the same price category.

Evidson B3 review


Another very good budget friendly earphone that is using unique tangle free cable. Sound quality is pretty impressive and the looks, build and finishing is also pretty impressive. You get 3 color options Black, Blue and Red.

Evidson B3 in-wire controller

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Evidson B3 is available on Amazon for Rs. 899.

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