Here is the Epson L4160 review. This is another Ink Tank printer by Epson, but this one comes with integrated Ink Tank. L4160 is compact, comes with LCD screen, you can print / copy / scan and there is also a SD card slot to directly print photos from the card. Is this printer worth it? let’s find out.

With this Printer you will get 4 ink bottle (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow), user manual, warranty card, USB cable and power cord. The Epson L4160 is a compact printer and the unique thing is that it comes with integrated Tank Design.

The other Epson Ink Tank printers came with the Ink tank that was a separate unit connected via pipes, the big issue with such design was that the Ink Tank part was separate and hence needed extra space, plus when there was a need to refill it was kind of messy / ink spills.

But on this Epson L4160 the tank is integrated, and is a part of the printer, overall a compact design, plus the ink tank cap is different and the nozzle really small. Refilling is so simple and almost spill proof.


This L4160 can scan – 1200 x 2400 dpi, can copy – you can take photocopies of documents / pictures and you can also print directly from your computer.  There are several connectivity options, you can either connect printer with USB cable or connect via Wi-Fi or use the direct Wi-Fi option to directly connect without a router.

Epson L4160 is power efficient (12W). This printer supports Bi-directional and Uni-directional printing, also supports border-less printing. As mentioned the printer is cost effective in the long run. Each ink bottle (black or color), each bottle will cost approx Rs. 400.

Cost per page for black print is 12 paisa and for color it is 20 paisa. One Black bottle will give you up to 7,500 prints and the Color bottles (all 3 combined) will give you up to 6,000 prints.  Print quality is very good, do check the video review.

Should you buy a Ink Tank Printer?

Yes, definitely. However these printers are not that cheap and there is a good initial investment required. You can buy for home / office use, for long term use the printer cost will be quite affordable (ink cost).

Another biggest advantage of the Ink Tank printers is that the Ink does not dry up so easily, this means if you are not using the printer for weeks even months the ink will not dry. This was a big problem on those low cost ink-jet printers.

There are several Epson Ink tank printers available in the market. Makes sense to go with the latest model.

The Epson L4160 printer is available for Rs. 17,299 –

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -