You might have seen / heard of smart watches, smart bands, smart jewellery and smart shoes, well here is another fitness device the ELAH Waterproof Smart Bluetooth LED Shoe Clip tracker. You can clip this on any shoe and keep track of your physical activities.

Unboxing the ELAH Smart show clip tracker : Inside the box you will get the fitness tracker, support strap, user manual and data cable. This fitness tracker will turn your shoe into a smart shoe. With this tracker you will be able to keep track of your steps, distance, pace, cadence, activity time and calories burned.

There is a QR code on the box / user manual scan it to download the app and then connect the ELAH shoe clip tracer with the app. This device works with Android and iOS platforms and supports Bluetooth 4.0.

Apart from monitoring your physical activities this fitness device also comes with a unique feature an LED light. Check the video review / images to get an idea. Now there is single button on the USB Smart Bluetooth LED Shoe clip tracker that when pressed will power on the LED.

ELAH Waterproof Smart Bluetooth LED Shoe Clip tracker review

This is a always-on device, but to switch on the LED you need to press the button the tracker. Initially the LED will light up, but when you start moving the LED will start blinking the moment you stop it will constantly light up.

The LED light is for you safety at night, keep it on to alert other vehicles / people.

ELAH Waterproof Smart Bluetooth LED Shoe Clip tracker quality

ELAH Waterproof Smart Bluetooth LED Shoe Clip tracker Specifications

Type : Clip that you need to attach on your shoes
Material : PP Plastic,PVC,Stainless Steel
Fitness Tracking : Foot Strike, Steps, Track, Activity, Pace, Cadence, Calories
Exercise Type : Walking, running, jogging
Water Proof : yes, IPX4
Other : LED light for safety
Battery : Built in, 60 mAh, takes 2 hours to charge and gives up to 14 hours of working time

ELAH Waterproof Smart Bluetooth LED Shoe Clip tracker strap


You can attach this Smart Clip on the left or the right shoes, check the video review to see it in action. Better use the app to get accurate results. I compared the results with Amazfit Pace smartwatch, the results were close enough. There will be a difference as the smart watch will count steps based on your hand movements and this shoe tracker will from the steps taken, hence more accurate.

ELAH Waterproof Smart Bluetooth LED Shoe Clip tracker LED light

Overall the results were consistent, you can adjust the stride value for more accurate results. The light looks great, it is an added safety feature but attracts stray dogs. Now this fitness tracker can track only specific movements like  walking, jogging, running. I tried it on a bicycle, the LED light did blink but the results were not accurate.

If you cycle a lot then this can be used as a safety equipment (the LED light).


Overall a good cost effective fitness gadget that you can attach on any shoes.

Rating  4.3 out of 5

You can buy this ELAH Waterproof Smart Bluetooth LED Shoe Clip tracker from GearBest for around $20 (approx Rs. 1300/-)  (this includes priority line shipping) – make sure to use priority line shipping.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -