Detel D1 Boom, D4 Prime, D120 and D500 feature phone with Panic button launched

Detel, a well known brand when it comes to manufacturing most economical feature phone has launched 4 feature phones in India. Detle D1 Boom, Detel D4 Prime, Detel D120 and Delte D500. Now these feature phones are priced at under Rs. 700 and all of these come with a Panic Button.

These Detel feature phones are available exclusively on These are feature phones made for normal usage limited to making / receiving calls, SMS’s and they also comes packed with some extra features.

These phones come with alphanumeric keypad and a non-touch color screen. The numeric Key 5 also doubles up as the panic button, using the panic button will make 5 calls to 112, followed by 5 SMS’s to police and 3 SMS’s to family members.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Yogesh Bhatia, MD, S. G. Corporate Mobility (parent company of Detel), stated, We envision a world where all women feel safe and secure, anytime, anywhere. Therefore taking a step ahead in this direction and at the same time abiding by the government’s guidelines, we are glad to bring to our customers our new feature phones, embedded with a panic button”

Detel D1 Boom

Detel D4 Prime Detel D120 Detel D500

All these Detel feature phones come with dual SIM slot, support call recorder, comes with camera, video recorder, FM, torch, FM recording, Call Blacklist, power saving mode and 23 Languages including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali and more. D1 Boom and D4 Prime is using 1600 mAh and 650 mAh battery respectively. Detel D120 and Detel D500 are powered by 1050 mAh battery, these models also come with micro SD card support. Detel D1 Boom comes with big speakers.

Detel D1 Boom Price in India – Rs. 699
Detel D4 Prime price in India – Rs. 599
Detel D120 price in India – Rs. 649
Detel D500 price in India – Rs. 649


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