The Aakash project it seems has turned out to be a complete failure. According to Reuters, Datawind the Aakash tablet manufacturer managed to ship only 10,000 units. The pilot model itself was a disaster- poor battery life, problematic touchscreen and of course the slow processor failed to pass the quality test.

A 366 MHz processor powered Aakash tablet itself was a bad idea in fact low cost android powered smartphone come with better processing power. Initially on trial basis the GOVT had ordered about 100,000 tablets, but Datawind managed to supply only 10,000 units of which many were defective.  There were too many complains related to touchscreen, battery and speed.

The GOVT is already looking out for new manufacturers who can manufacture a better low cost tablet with new specifications and quality guidelines. This move by the GOVT also indicates that Datawind may be dropped from the Aakash project.

Dissatisfied with the pilot project the GOVT came up with new specifications and quality guidelines. Datawind objected to some changes and since then the project is on hold. Datawind through the and is still selling the tablets in open market. It is not clear how many tablets Datawind have sold so far.

If you have received the Aakash tablet then do comment below let us know about the performance and if you are happy with the product. For those who are still keen in buying the Aakash tablet wait for some more time as something new might come up.

Source: reuters

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -