DataWind launched UbiSlate 7Ri, 7R+, 7Ci and 7C+ low cost tablets

DataWind the official makers of Aakash tablet, the one that we have been hearing ‘more’ and seeing ‘less’ have now launched 4 new tablets called the UbiSlate 7Ri, UbiSlate 7R+, UbiSlate 7Ci and UbiSlate 7C+. All of these tabs are with 7 inch resistive or capacitive screen with price tag between Rs. 2,900 to Rs. 5,000.

No doubt the whole Aakash tablet project was a big disaster and the trend still continues. It is impossible to communicate with DataWind and they still are following the same traditional method – the famous “Pre-book now”, I cannot understand as to why they cannot distribute the tabs to online stores so one can, “order now”.

Users have waited, and some are still waiting for the Aakash tablet, some even ended up paying via cheques. But the good news is some did receive the tablet, well that’s some of the lucky ones and some unlucky, from the lucky ones who are facing several technical issues with the tab. Moreover as I mentioned before it’s virtually impossible to communicate with the company for general queries or support.

Anyways you can check out the 4 new tablets from Datawind listed below. DataWind has finally realised that they need a powerful processor and the newest tabs do live up to that expectations. The specs are good and to control the price barrier they come with resistive and capacitive screen options, the resistive screen being more budget friendly.

DataWind UbiSlate 7Ri, UbiSlate 7R+, UbiSlate 7Ci, UbiSlate 7C+

UbiSlate 7Ri

  • 7 inch resistive screen with 800×480 pixels.
  • Cortex A8 clocked at 1GHz with 512MB RAM running ICS Android 4.0.
  • 4GB internal storage.
  • G-Sensors, 3.5mm jack, Wi-Fi, front VGA camera and MicroSD support.
  • 2 hours of battery life.

UbiSlate 7R+

  • 7 inch resistive screen with 800×480 pixels.
  • Cortex A8 clocked at 1GHz with 512MB RAM running ICS Android 4.0.
  • 4GB internal storage.
  • G-Sensors, Wi-Fi, GPRS, front VGA camera, 3.5mm jack, and MicroSD support.
  • 3 to 4 hours of battery life (3200 mAh battery).

UbiSlate 7Ci

  • 7 inch capacitive screen with 800×480 pixels.
  • Cortex A8 clocked at 1GHz with 512MB RAM running ICS Android 4.0.
  • 4GB internal storage.
  • G-Sensors, Wi-Fi, front VGA camera, 3.5mm jack, and MicroSD support.
  • 2  hours of battery life.

UbiSlate 7C+

  • 7 inch capacitive screen with 800×480 pixels.
  • Cortex A8 clocked at 1GHz with 512MB RAM running ICS Android 4.0.
  • 4GB internal storage.
  • G-Sensors, Wi-Fi, GPRS, front VGA camera, 3.5mm jack, and MicroSD support.
  • 3 – 4 hours of battery life (3200 mAh battery).

As you can see there is not much difference between the models. Also note that the battery life is pathetic on 7Ri and 7Ci models which will hardly last for about 2 hours may be less. The other 2 models come with 3200 mAh battery which should do pretty good job. The GPRS option I believe will be via external supported dongles.

The new UbiSlate tablets will be priced between 2,900 to 5,000 Indian Rupees and the process is the same, pre-book from website then, wait, wait..wait and wait.

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  1. raj says

    ubislate tablet is a 3rd class tablet .i was use but i do’nt satisfied .speed very slow .always going heng and lot of problem .

  2. Kiran Pawar says

    Hi Gogi,
    This is paying money and having frustration
    I am trying to reach Datawind from 15 July 2013 daily I call 20/25 times but no one receives my call each time it rings and after 15 rings get disconnects.
    I tried 183-2581330, 2708500, 2580177, the toll free is not in use. This is paying money and having frustration they are not delivering my tab it more than 4 months. Can you update me with some more numbers.

    Kiran Pawar

  3. Tanmaya says

    Ubislate doesn’t have Gps so for Full feature by Hcl Me U1 .Ubislate sometimes get bit slower so remember donot do rough use of it.One good feature here is that it has an reset hole in it if your tablet get locked or some hardware problem.Just put an pin in that.Your tablet will get Restart .It is better than factory restore.I give it 4.5 Stars for it . Buy only 7c+ models only.You can buy this tablet on,, etc.

  4. Tanmaya says

    The Gprs option is not true Gogi Rana .You can put any GSM Sim in it except Cdma Sim. And for WiFi the WiFi is working correctly

  5. pviru says

    here’s my problem, i have to turn on the wifi switch many times to just to get the wifi started i.e. it wifi system is giving me diffculty.

  6. Kiran Pawar says

    Hi Gogi,
    Seems there is no issue with the Datwind tabs as there are no comments, is this a sign that Datawind has actually developed them self to meet the Competition market or someone is removing the negative comments to help Datawind expand sales.

    • Gogi Rana says

      Kiran, in fact its the other way round there are very few users who have got the datawind tabs many are still waiting. I will suggest ignore this brand and look for some other tab readily available in the market.

      • Kiran Pawar says

        Really appreciate your reply,
        but I am stuck in between I got the 7c+ Tab on 20 march and returned to Amritsar office on 28 March as it was not working and since then I am struggling the CSE say they will deliver the tab on Monday and as till now 6 Monday have passed and still the tab is undelivered. My situation is as Pankaj Kapoor in office office serial on Sab TV, every time I call I have to repeat the whole story what happen to the tab, where and when did you send it, why was it not working,,,, bla,, bla,,,. The height was raised when one of the CSE Guruprit asked me have you not received the tab once “My heart sunk in to My boots”.
        I wonder why I did not refer your blog before the purchase, and now if I request for refund how much I will have to wait ooh God I can’t think.
        I am happy at least I can write on your blog to alert others to avoid my situation.
        Thankful for your reply

        Kiran Pawar

  7. Kiran Pawar says

    Don’t go on cost the performance and service is below that, Datawind is not shamed of this they have removed my comments but did not dare to call me or reply my mail. Shameless follows “Trying to hide the truth” you cheaters.

  8. Sam says

    Hello sir
    yesterday I got my tablet 7c+ n after booking with in 8days. It came in my hand.
    The process is good n calling function also good but m suffering 4m one problem in this tablet is m not able to access d internet via sim I tried uninor and docomo but its not working..plz tell me how can I access d internet through sim card.
    N my both cards are 2g.
    Plz reply
    thanks in advance.

  9. Kiran Pawar says

    Hi Gogi,
    I got the tab 7C+ on 20 march 2013 after opening the box i fount the tab is not new it’s already used one, but accepting the truth Datawind the cheaters i accepted the tab, and now after 7 days it is not working,no display, no charging notification, no reset nothing.
    Guide me.

    Kiran Pawar

  10. RD Dubey says

    I booked Ubislate 7c+ on 10 mar 13. The mode of payment was COD. I received the Tab on 25 Mar 13 and its working fine. Till now I have not experimented with the tab. I found the ubisurfer browser is slower than the common android browser.

  11. DEVEN S KHATRI says




  12. Pranab says

    I got the Ubislate 7C+, it is really nice as per the price. I am using all the features of it but one bug is there, I do not know if other are getting it or not. The Date/Time is not showing properly sometime, if I restart it then will work, it is not trying to sync with the GPRS provider. I have checked the VGA camera it is of bad quality, you cannot get great viewing camera by paying 5000 bucks, so negotiable.

    Guys, try to keep less data which ever is required, I have done lots of experiment on the handset and found some tips which will keep you away from worry.

    – Try to keep internal storage clean, keep less data in the Tab, don’t put movies, songs, it will verify sometime and kill you processing time.
    – Add icon to you 4 desktop and keep 1 desktop empty or nothing at all, and that should be the one by default when you lock/unlock.
    – If you open multiple task then kill by using app killer if that app will not close. Sometime if you open, and close it then it still running.
    – Do not keep the tab charging continuously, once it charged then use till the battery is 10-20%, this will keep your battery life longer.
    – And if you do not want any app close it or removed or cleared the history.
    – Use firefox, chrome takes some memory to work faster, do not know about opera, may be it is not working properly on Android. I never use opera, always use FF.
    – Sometime like daily 2-3 times restart the tablet, it will refresh.

    I will post you if I found something new.

    – Pranab


    I Received 7c+ 23-March-2013.
    I have Problem In it.
    When I Open Camera option.than its not work .one pop window open like(unfortunately, camera has stopped).What I do??
    Plz Give Me suggetion.

  14. Ramesh says

    This is completely cheating. I have been facing the problem i paid 5999. How to bring this to Indian Govt notice else lot of people will be cheated still.

    • rana says

      i also want to purchase upslate 7c+ is it useable??????????
      i have confused after seeing the comment. plz sujjest me.


      Temple run, temple run 2 and subway surfers..and much more game u play in 7c+.