The CooKoo 2 smartwatch is different, it is powered by two watch cell batteries. One cell powers up the analog clock and the other cell is dedicated for the smartwatch features. The CooKoo watch is priced at Rs. 9,999.

Box pack
The box pack is unique, house shaped with the CooKoo 2 watch clearly visible inside. You need to slide the box and twist the watch case to remove the case and then remove the watch fixed on the case. Check the video review. Inside you will find the CooKoo 2 watch and user manual booklet.

The watch is sturdy, heavy and comes with very good build quality. The body is hard plastic and the watch bezel is made of stainless steel. The watch glass is scratch resistant. Weight is 70 grams and it is 16.79 mm thick. It is an ordinary watch with an analog clock and below that there is the dot matrix screen (Smartwatch feature) for alerts / etc.

This is not like the other smart watches in fact it gets power from the ordinary cell batteries that powers most of the analog / digital clocks. You can easily change the battery for the smartwatch feature by simply using a coin – rotate anti-clockwise to remove part of the stainless steel back cover that houses the cell battery.

CooKoo 2 smartwatch box pack

The analog clock can be adjusted using the crown – like on other analog watches. You need to switch on the Smartwatch option. There are 4 buttons. Power and left button on the left side and command and right button on the right side. The Left and Right buttons are used for scrolling.

The watch strap is made of good quality rubber and a little stretchable.

CooKoo 2 smartwatch dial

It is a simple Smartwatch that will show the notifications – missed calls, SMS’s, even social network alerts. You can view messages on the screen though it is not that comfortable.

Press power button for 3 seconds to switch on / off the smartphone feature. It makes use of Bluetooth and will go into paring mode if you are using it for the first time. The watch will work on iOS and Android platform (4.3 and over).

It may not work on all the handsets, so make sure to confirm it before buying. The list of supported handsets is mentioned on the box (iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Series, HTC One / Max, Huawei P7 and Xiaomi Mi3. Once paired, you will get the digital clock on the dot matrix screen the time will be synchronized with your smartphone.

CooKoo 2 smartwatch crown

Once you pair the device using Bluetooth you will need to download and install the connected watch application – You can also scan the QR code and get to the app link directly.

You can use the connected watch app to allow / disable notifications from selected applications. The app also keeps track of the notifications that were delivered on the watch.

On this watch you will get incoming call / missed call notifications, messages, Social alerts, find my phone, alarm, calendar, battery status and email alert. Whenever there is any alert you will hear a beep with some mild vibrations.

CooKoo 2 smartwatch review and unboxing

It is hybrid watch – an analog watch with a little bit of smartness. Not exactly like the other smartwatches available in the market. But the good part is that you really don’t need to charge this watch everyday. It comes with two removable non-chargeable batteries, the analog battery will last for almost 3 years and the Smartwatch battery could go on for about a year, depending on your usage.

You get almost all the features that you will find a basic Smartwatch. This device however cannot monitor your fitness activities.

CooKoo watch is available for Rs. 9,999.

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By Rajeev Rana

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