Another brand called Comio by Topwise Communication will enter the Indian markets soon, in fact the date is set for in August (18th). Topwise communication was founded in 2005 and is one of the biggest OEM’s in China.

Topwise will launch the Comio brand of smartphones that they say will be mid range handsets and price bracket will be between 6k to 12k. They will launch their first handset, probably couple of handsets in India on 18th August 2017.

There are couple of new brands gearing up to enter the Indian markets and most of these are OEM’s and have experience of actually manufacturing smartphones. Comio is another one, not sure but (non-functional) could be their official website.

Comio new smartphone brand coming soon in India

Infinix brand will be launching their smartphone tomorrow and on 18th we will know more about the Comio brand. Let’s see if these brands can come up with something really good, in terms of performance, quality, after sales services and price.