Celkon mobiles will be launching their first KitKat powered smartphone the Celkon A35K in India on 16th June for a price tag of under Rs. 4,000. Celkon has already revealed the handset image on their Facebook page.

If the price tag is indeed under Rs. 4,000 this could make it the cheapest KitKat powered smartphone. The Celkon A35K full specifications are not yet disclosed, but we can assume a lot from the images and from the contest that Celkon is conducting via Facebook. The Celkon contest is open from 12th to 16th – 16th being the date when the handset will be launched.

There seems to be a front camera and a front loud speaker at the bottom as seen in the handset image that is posted on the Celkon’s official  Facebook page. The A35K most probably points out to the touch screen of 3.5 inches (K for KitKat) and at this price may be it will be 400 x 320 pixels or  800 x 480 pixels resolution, not more.

KitKat powered Celkon A35K coming soon

Celkon A35K does support 3G, well the 1st contest question is about 3G, which means 3G is definitely available. A 3G smartphone for under Rs. 4,000 is a big advantage.

Well that’s all about the Celkon A35K, let’s wait for the official launch and the official price. In the next few months we might see many more low cost (under 5K) handsets being launched in India.

Tip: Amit and Nazeer.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in