BSNL offering 3G with 20GB data limit for Rs. 50?

This turned out to be a Hoax. To compete with other players BSNL (if sources are to be believed) will be offering 3G with 20GB data Limit for just Rs. 50. But that’s not it, the BSNL users can further share the data with other BSNL users (up to 4 across India). Other service providers are charging around Rs 200 for just 1GB data limit.

Update : According to thehindubusinessline – BSNL is providing data sharing option but the price starts from Rs. 173 for 1.2GB and for 21GB the price is Rs. 2,013.

This new scheme will definitely help BSNL get more customers and at the same time give wings to the Government agenda to get net access to masses, at affordable cost. This scheme will definitely help connect more people.

Rs. 50 for 20GB 3G data plan is being subsidized by the GOVT of India. BSNL users just need to login into the BSNL self care portal, fill the form and that’s it the services will be activated. Also note that when you are filling the form you can provide details of the users with whom you would want to share the net connection – this is optional, i.e. if you want to share.

BSNL 3G with 20GB data limit for Rs 50

This scheme will be hit with Urban families as just a single plan would be more than sufficient for everyone in the family.

I am not sure if this is real or fake but do check the source. And if any one can get a confirmation it would really help.


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