Most home users would prefer an ink tank printer compared to laser and most office users would prefer a laser compared to ink tank printers. Here is the Brother DCP B7500D Laser printer that could well be used for home as well as offices but do note this is monochrome printer.

If your requirement is color prints then the ink tank is better if you are home user, well mostly depends on how many prints you would print and how fast. Cause laser printers are pretty fast. 

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So here is the Brother DCP B7500D review, do check the video to know more about this printer.

What I liked best about this printer is the fact that it can print really fast 34 pages per minute and this printer is using a toner box tech that reduces the cost of toner replacement since only a small toner tube is required to be replaced, the drum head need not be replaced. Also the cost of toner tube is Rs. 899 on amazon the MRP is Rs. 940.

One toner can print up to 2600 pages. Another unique and important features that most offices love to have is the auto duplex feature that can print on both side of page automatically.

Now this auto duplex feature prints on both sides of the paper automatically, comes really handy as it saves paper and time. Do check the video to see it in action.

Being a laser printer the print quality is also pretty good and there are other features like 2 in 1 id copy and 2 side copy options for scan and print. 

The paper tray can hold up to 250 pages. 

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -