Xiaomi today launched couple of devices in China including the Mi Mix 2 handset and guess what the company will launch the Mi Mix 2 in India, Manu Kumar Jain has confirmed this via a tweet. Mi Mix 2 specs are already know, including the price in China.

Well it indeed is breaking news, Manu Jain (VP @ Xiaomi) via a tweet confined that they will launch the Mi Mix 2 in India. If you may recall the first Mi Mix that was launched in China was not launched in India and everyone though that this one too will never see the day in India.

However just few hours after the official event, and official announcement of Mi Mix 2, Manu Jain tweeted and cleared all the doubt. Good news guys the Mi Mix 2 is coming in India though the officially date has not yet been disclosed, but it is confirmed.

Mi Mix 2 coming to India

Next question is when will it be launched, and Jai Mani from Xiaomi confirmed it will be way sooner than 6 months. Mi Mix 2 price and specs are already known, price in China starts from Rs. 32,000. May be the price in India will be the same or a little more, but still worth it.

In case you are planning to buy a premium phone and were impressed by Mi Mix 2, save your money for now and wait.

So what do you think about this news?

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  1. My honest advice to Xiaomi, rather than flashy Mi Mix 2, bring the much better and totally practical Xiaomi Mi Note 3 to India. Better cameras and also a more viable platform. At about 20k, it will kill a lot of birds.And earn more revenue.

    1. You can use the bundled adaptor for the purpose. If carrying an adapter is too much of an hassle, you will have to buy USB type c earphones.

  2. Within one or two months launching in India is reasonable, if took more time to launch, then that time we will get Advanced processor in India with some other brand… Hurry up Xiaomi …

      1. Even the base model is ceramic, only the sides are metal. And the special edition has a ceramic unibody.

        1. Ceramic is my big letdown. Bcoz ceramic breaks very easily. I accidentally dropped my mi max 1. Now all the fun has gone.

  3. Not interested…Still a Full HD screen…I’d rather wait for Huawei Honor Note 9 for the same price with much advanced camera & Quad HD screen…

      1. Mate, 4k display is very uncommon in smartphones. I think the only phone with a 4k display is Sony’s Xperia Z5 premium. I guess you meant a 2k display(Quad HD).

    1. Quad HD is good but you won’t see difference if you’re not watching 4k videos and quite frankly most of us watch Full HD movies. Other than media consumption the need for quad HD is arguably not important. It’s just there to drain battery. Also to detect pixelation you would have to look really closeto your display panel which again is inpractical. What is required is a good panel that has the power to render good colour contrast and brightness level. I feel my statement is justifiable.

    2. Dude more than full hd is a gimmick..it only consumes more battery…Our eyes cant differentiate abv 400 ppi

  4. this phone can kill one plus 5 with its looks alone. it’s a great show off device with flagship chipset and specs.

    1. Wrong, one plus 5 has better camera and a superior Snapdragon 835 with a very good display. I feel one plus 5 camera outperforms s8 as well. The s8 produce brighter picture with it’s larger aperture but picture pixel density on one plus 5 is better

    2. Thought OP5 was already killed by mi a1 for low budget, honor 8 pro for 30k budget & LG G6 for high range budget. Still if someone is buying it then they are true fans which is fine coz it’s their money & choice.

  5. If Xiaomi really want grab the attention with Mix 2 in India, they should bring it here within a month or two. 6 months is a huge period. In this fast changing trends of Mobile phones, who knows this can be a old fashioned one after 3-4 months.
    But if they can really bring it here within a month or so, this will be a hot cake for sure..

    1. Hi here is the link to the tweet by Mr.Jai Mani. He never said it would take 6 months for the India launch.

      And I agree, no use bringing it after 6 months. But that’s not going to be the case.

  6. It has the same mi max2 camera. So just for display and high end processor need to spend double money than the mi max 2.

      1. It is the same main camera of mi6 used in mi mix 2. Even in mi max 2, the same sensor is used but with a higher aperture of 2.2 and without OIS.

  7. LG q6 is providing similar display(even better) at one third of price. Dual camera is also not provided. It should equipped with QHD display

      1. By the above comment, I was not referring to his ignorance about 18:9 aspect ratio. I just wanted to describe his height of ignorance, and since we are talking about two tall, 18:9 screens, I thought it apt to say ‘ignorance in 18:9 aspect ratio’ 😉 Once I posted the comment, I realised nobody here is mad enough to understand what I actually meant. But there was no way the comment could be edited or removed. So, thought of making a clarification.

  8. Mi mix 2 is a more practical and mass model. It will be produced in larger quantities. But price of 64 gb model is too high. For the similar price you can get mi mix 256 gb model.

    1. Compare the launch prices buddy. Mi mix 256 gb version was launched at RMB 4000 whereas mi mix 2 64 gb is launched at RMB 3299. How is it costlier?

        1. Hi Amit, obviously a one year old model will be priced cheaper. That doesn’t exactly make the current one’s price too high. And buddy you have to also include the customs duties. I am damn sure you won’t be able to get mi mix 256 GB below 33k.

        1. Most of the people use Apple products only to show off their high status, nothing else. I will never use my hard-earned money to buy their products. But that’s only my opinion.

          1. Even i will never buy single sim apple phone…never felt comfortable…
            Used once….but kicked off….
            Only for show off ….thats the reality….

            Mano ya na mano.

    1. In india big buddies are less like you, we are with budget friendly dude. Iphone launch with basic model atleast 50k. Lol.