Boltt a new company announced their fitness wearables at CES 2017. Key highlight about Boltt is that it comes with real time virtual assistant / coach that gives interactive feedback on training and health.

Boltt at CES 2017 unveiled connected shoes, stride sensor, fitness trackers – powered by AI Health Assistant called ‘B’. This fitness wearable will be a lot different from the ones that is currently available in the markets.

Boltt will be a one stop place for all your fitness needs to stay healthy. The Virtual Health Assistant, B, will help users stay active, sleep better and eat healthy. Their unique Stride sensor is light weight and can be used with any shoes, place it and the device will keep track of your speed, pace, calories, distance and more.

Boltt revolutionary advanced fitness wearable

Boltt smart band is a lifestyle tracker, with display that by default will show you the date and time. Almost all of the fitness bands available can monitor normal activities; however the Boltt will be able to do a lot more including monitoring high intensity exercises.

The Boltt wearable will be available soon, pre-claim it from

By Sunil V