Blu Win HD LTE and Win JR LTE windows powered smartphones were initially launched for ₹8,000 and ₹6,000. But as of now these handsets are available for ₹2,999 (JR LTE) and ₹4,999 (HD LTE). These handsets are listed on

The Blu Win JR LTE is available in 5 colour options however only two colours Grey and White are available for ₹2,999 – the other colours are out of stock. The same goes for Blu Win HD LTE. For these new price tags the handset looks quite tempering. Both smartphones are running Windows Phone 8.1 and will get windows 10 upgrade.

Win JR LTE houses snapdragon 410 quad core processor @ 1.2GHz with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. This handset sports a 4.5 inch screen with 854 x 480 pixels resolution. There is 5MP AF camera on the rear and VGA camera on the front. Key features are 4G, 3G, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. This handset gets power from a 2000 mAh battery.

Blu Win JR LTE and HD LTE price drop

Win HD LTE is using same hardware i.e. snapdragon 410 with Adreno 306 GPU. The handset however sports a 5 inch screen with 1080 x 720pixels resolution. There is 8MP camera on the rear and 2MP on the front. This handset also comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. Key features are 4G, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. A 2500 mAh battery powers up this handset.

Blu Win JR LTE and Blu Win HD LTE are now available for ₹2,999 and ₹4,999.

Some users are confused if Blu Win JR LTE comes with 1GB RAM / 8GB ROM or it comes with 512MB RAM / 4GB ROM. Inspite of telling them that I have the press release that says “The Win JR LTE features an upgraded display performance from its predecessor with a vivid 4.5″ display and IPS technology, including an upgrade to 1GB RAM for the international variant.” they still want to believe otherwise. The official site says it is 1GB RAM / 8GB ROM, Amazon says it is 1GB RAM / 8GB ROM, and this is upgraded model.

Blu had first launched with 512MB RAM but new lot – same model is upgraded one. Better check with Amazon before ordering if it is latest lot with 1GB RAM / 8GB or older lot with 512MB RAM / 4GB.

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  1. Hi Gogi,

    Thanks for the review. I have gone through other sites also. But no where GPS is mentioned. are you sure this phone has GPS enabled full location service ? That will be the deciding factor for me. I will buy this today itself.


    1. First create a Microsoft account then sync with contacts.. Now you can able to see all contacts

  2. I have purchased a win jre set and did a reset. Now I find it opens in some other language. Grateful for anyone suggesting how to make it open in English…thanks in advance

  3. Writing about Blu Win jr lte which I received this week. We get a promotional charger from Amazon, i am not sure why company did not provide charger, however they have provided earphones, data cable, screen guard, Back cover.

    Handset is good , there a curvy design on Back which will prevent speakers to be covered.Sound is loud on speaker. You need to use volume button to increase and decrease the volume. There is no sound profile. Use good quality earphones like skull candy for good music experience.

    I have got 2 ota updates which, it will be automatically download when in wifi, same for apps in store. While updating apps the doesn’t not lag, however in Android the phone lags a lot when installing or updating apps. The interface is very smooth, no lag.

    There is 1gb ram and 8gb internal storage. You can set default location to Sd card for apps, photos, videos etc, however some apps will only be installed in internal memory.

    The phone has 2 point mutitouch. I haven’t tried with games. Call clarity is good, I don’t have 4g, however in 3g it works great.

    Now the problem is battery charge time which it takes 4 to 5 hours with any charger i have used, it is big led down, I don’t know why the handset used Snapdragon 410 I expected to have quick charge mechanism but it is not present. The battery backup is OK. I get one day battery backup.

    The browser to use is UC browser, many time I find latter to be washed out, I am not sure it is due to resolution or?

    The camera takes ok pictures at this price point. The pics are blur sometimes. Front camera is vga so the pics appear to be washed out. Rear camera has auto focus. Can record full hd and pay fhd videos.

  4. Gogiji when you upload blu win hd lte review? Please also upload camera images capturing by third party apps like camera 360 if stock camera not fulfill expectation.

  5. I have received the item today and I have observed a white line paper like material just below the phone receiver so ordered for a replacement.

    Is there anyone who is facing the same issue?

  6. Gogi ji, have u received ur Blue Win HD? Mine despatched on 19/10/2015 and hopefully I will get it on 22/10/2015. This time Amazon despatched after three days of placing the order…

    1. Yes I have received, have started testing it, 4G LTE worked (2300 band), some users were saying only 1800 is supported but both 1800 and 2300 is supported.

      1. Gogi Sir,

        Pls post your review soon as everyone is waiting to know whether this mobile is really worth for 5k(though specs looks impressive). I have placed an order and based on your review i will take it or cancel 🙂

  7. Gogi, are you sure about windows 10 update to blu win jr? As I could not find anywhere about update to win jr.

  8. I have ordered it yesterday, it will deliver between 24 oct- 2Nov. Gogi I have question. Does windows 10 support Android app?

    1. They do have an ongoing project for this. But it is still in Beta phase. But eventually it will happen.

  9. I just booked blu win hd LTE from Amazon with free charger I also bought one sankdisk memory card for 350 so my total exceeds 5 k so now I can get 15% Cashback confirm with Amazon customer care.. Very excited my first windows phone let’s see.. And icing on cake is that they are also giving free scree guard and good quality silicon back cover… 🙂

  10. Link provided for amazon site redirect to some another product, couldn’t to find it on amazon.

  11. Hi, I got this phone and im using it the exact specs is as give below confirmed by

    Processor- 1.2GHz Quad core Qalcomm snapdragon 410

    RAM – 1GB

    OS – Windows Phone 8.1 v2 after update

    Storage -8GB 3.5 available for usage

    4G-LTE FDD 800/1800/2600MHZ

  12. DJ can u tell how to get cab of 15%? I just now ordered one and invoice says 2999. How to claim?

    1. To get 15% cashback you need HDFC card and total invoice should be at least Rs. 5000 or above. So if you have Rs. 2,999 in the cart you can buy some other stuffs to bring the total to over 5,000.

      1. No gogi ji, 15% cashback is applicable for single transaction of Rs.5k and above only … I have clubbed two transactions of Rs.5900 and didn’t get the cashback.

          1. Yes single transaction but you can buy multiple items like I bought 1 mobile worth Rs. 4000 and another worth Rs.3000 so total is Rs.7000-15% cb = 5950

  13. Gogiji how is rear camera’s performance? Will it support all store apps like Lumia (Here maps etc)?

      1. Gogi plz if possible book jr lte also because its total vfm any maximum people want to buy Jr more than hd, thanks.

  14. Biggest drawback
    1. Indian 4G band doesn’t support in any of it blu device
    2. Blu doesn’t had any service center
    3. No gorilla glass

    1. Blu win jr lte does support both 4g bands and its the cheapest 4g mobile available in India now you cant expect gorilla glass in a 3k mobile (2550 after 15% cb). It has same cpu of moto g3 (priced 13k) sd410 what else you want?

        1. After lot of research I found only one service center in Delhi( 3rd party service centre).

  15. AT this price this phone is a big bargain. Windows is a very stable OS and this phone is also upgradeable to Windows mobile 10 which will come in December. Since all Windows updates are provided by Microsoft directly there is no need to worry at all.

    BLU is a big mobile manufacturer in US and is most popular unlocked phone provider.

    INfact the BLU win HD costs around 125$ in US which is much more than the current price in India.

    Compare this pricing with Iphone. Iphone 6S sells around 650$ starting in US but in India they sell it for $1000 !!!!!

    1. @deepu
      I 100% agree with you Blu is a big old us brand and @ 3k win jr is the best mobile available in India.

    1. Yes but its better to buy from amazon they are providing free charger plus 15% cb + its really easy to return if you buy from amazon.

  16. Android is the best operating system.You have various types of customisations,apps & games here on the android….where Windows is simple & has nothing.

    1. Android is not as stable as Microsoft Windows Operating System. Infact, No other os in this world is as stable as Windows.

    1. Better than Android. Android uses more power, more processor frequeny, more ram, because of the background apps running continuously. And after certain period of android phone say 1 year, its performance decreases as you use it.

      On the other hand, windows phones are most stable operating systems, uses less resources. Lowest configuration is enough for a windows os. Its performance will be as it is even after long usage, say 1 or 2 years also.

  17. if received product after delivery having different specification such as ram & space than can we return it? Anyway can you review blue win Jr.

    1. It’s Amazon u can return it with in ten days even if you don’t like the product no questions will be asked whatsoever, anyway to be sure better contact Amazon toll free CSC and question them if the same policy applies to these Blu handsets!

  18. Buy only if you can return it back to the dealer in case of wrong 512 MB RAM or 4 GB of internal storage…

  19. Hi Gogi, I ordered HD LTE at 4999 along with free charger in Amazon. Is it worth buying a Windows phone overall?? i see the Swipe Elite also available at the same price.

    Can you tell me which one is better? Swipe Elite?? or Blu Win HD LTE??

    1. The question you should ask is are you okay with windows OS? Android gives you more flexibility and there are a lot of apps available. If your usage is minimal phone, email, social media etc then windows will also do fine.

  20. Mr Golgi it appears win Jr lte has 500 mb ram and 4 GB storage and not 1 GB ram and 8 GB storage

      1. The customers who have brought blue win jr lte from amazon in their review says it has 512ram and 4gb internal memory.

        1. Probably the old lot, I have press release and there it is clearly mentioned 1GB / 8GB and even on their website it is 1GB / 8GB.

          1. You are right gogi sir i have got the phone 2 days back it has 1GB /8GB, I also used the app called system view from the MS store and saw the same config via this app so as a user I can confirm the same I just got it as a spare phone my main is Mi4i.

  21. Blu win jr lte has 512mb ram and 4gb inbuilt please update

    Prevent users from buying and loose money if they just dont double check

      1. Gogi, I’ve seen a video review of this Blu Win Jr LTE smartphone…It says this device has only 512 MB RAM & 4 GB of internal storage..

        1. I think that was older version, they did increase the RAM and storage on new stock, also their website has 1GB / 8GB mentioned.

  22. Hi , gogi sir
    Plz recheck the specs
    Snapdeal is misleading the customers
    Ram is 512 mb only in blu jr lte model

  23. Specs is good but brand is unknown, what you say gogi bhai. About after sale service are they have any outlets ..??..